floydmoon1 Registered User

Have a 40 gb Ps3 just about a year now.
Dont play much usually watch dvds.

Today I turn it on and the fan sounds crazy.
Like a hair dryer .Never heard it this loud .
Then it goes back to stand by and does the same thing every time I turn it on.
Really load fan for about 10 seconds and then goes into standby .

Its weird cause I have it plugged into an extension for the last few months.
Last night had to unplug the extension and use it elsewhere.
When I connected it back today this was when the issue arose.

Anyone know if this is a known issue and also how long is the PS3 gurantee for cause it is just over a year old with a few weeks.

Nick_oliveri Registered User

Explain the problem to them over the phone, if its a week out they might do it for nothing or **** all. I think it would be better to get a replacement if its doing that.

0818365065 is the number

Holsten Registered User

Mine makes the crazy fast fan noise a few times when I'm using it but it never locks up, I assumed this was normal?!?!

20 Times 20 Times Registered User

Holsten said:
Mine makes the crazy fast fan noise a few times when I'm using it but it never locks up, I assumed this was normal?!?!

Mine is actually loader then a hoover , hair dryer sometimes again i thought that was normal

Nick_oliveri Registered User

Yes it does it when it slightly overheats from playing it in a warm environment or after a long time playing. It doesnt usually go into standby after this though.

Sounds like the old fan test mode.

floydmoon1 Registered User

never had it before and it wont stay just shuts down
trying to get through to help line.
been on hold 1o minutes now

Nick_oliveri Registered User

Keep it up, it'll be worth it and im sure they are nice from the stories ive heard about them. Dont give up. They might ask you to do some procedures on the console to maybe access the service mode.

floydmoon1 Registered User

just looked at that link nick and it looks like that.
cleaned the front are where the eject button is earlier today.

could it be stuck

Nick_oliveri Registered User

Nahh they are touch sensitive. I think it works by the heat and texture of your finger. To recreate the effect while you are nowhere near the eject button would be improbable.

floydmoon1 Registered User

can you reset the ps3

20 Times 20 Times Registered User

Ok , Im through to the help line so far they have been really helpful on hold now

He said it shouldnt be louder then your TV , i said your kidding me its louder then a plane

Nick_oliveri Registered User

floydmoon1 said:
can you reset the ps3

I am unsure of that prcedure floyd. Have to go to the missuses now, stay on the line for your own sake. Good luck with it.

floydmoon1 Registered User


Got through.

He advised me to hold down the eject then turn off and turn back on again.

He said this would blow out all the air.
Funnily enough it didnt but it stopped the fan making all the noise and shutting itself down.
Seems to be working.

Just for reference this might be stupid but what is the best was to shut down the ps3

floydmoon1 Registered User

spoke too soon the noise is back again and shuuting itself

Nick_oliveri Registered User

Doh, that sucks. Are your components prone to a large amount of dust usually? I think its on the way out or dead already tbh. Maybe a motor is gone or a temp sensor is ****ed.

Anyhoo, good luck

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