juuge Registered User

I need to buy oil in West Wicklow/Naas area and the best price I got was from Naas Oil @ 280 euro for 500 litres can anyone better that ?

darc Registered User

seems about the market price for this week, but there will be a drop to under €500 next week as the price for home heat has dropped about 15% on world market.

Calculation for todays world price

$1.51 per US Gallon (3.8 litres)
Equates to euro 31c per litre

Add distributor / delievry markup & costs @ approx 12c / litre

= 43c / litre + vat @ 13.5% = 49c / litre.

This price should be available within 10 days.

Also watch diesel drop to 92 cent / litre in the same timeframe.

lostinNaas Registered User

As well as Naas Oil, I always price check Capital in Newbridge and they are usually a bit cheaper. They deliver in Naas, and if you have a €20 voucher from Naas Oil they will take it also.

JoBlog Registered User

I usually get 3 quotes and always include Naas Oil and Toughers: Toughers is the winner most times. well worth trying them.

lostinNaas Registered User

today's quotes, for 1000L kerosene

Toughers €453
Naas Oil €469
Capital €459

Orion My karma just ran over your dogma

Got quotes today for 500L Kero
Tougher's €233
McLoughlins €245

page1 Registered User

Emo Oil in Kilcullen - €225 for 500 lt yesterday.

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