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Is that what they are calling it it when its ready? Looks like they are working frantically to get it ready before Christmas, but I think they already missed a lot of action..! Any idea what else is going on there other than 'Colpe Cross Dunnes'?

From the new double roundabout it looks at least as big as Scotch hall - makes me wonder if those tight and slow double roundabouts were designed to get the shopping center maximum eye-ball time!

Biggins Banned

Is this the one near the new large Tesco's (Opening Dec 8th).
Was up there recently, the place is a maze to get to and very bloomin' awkward to get to.

Won't be a regular spot for me to drive to.

positron Registered User

No, this is the one near Grange Rath / Colpe Cross.

bmcgrath Registered User

Yep southgate is what they're calling it. It opens this Friday too I hear. I might pop in.

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Biggins Banned

Ooo, not sure where that is.

I had to go up to Callans new shop (some shop, there was feck all in it) on the Donore direction. God, that was a right pain to find.
As I was saying, the Tescos up there is in the backend of nowhere!

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Got a mail from Dunnes Stores today, they are opening on Dec 8th - €10 for every €40 spend there - once a week I think. Then noticed another mail, from Tesco, about their new shop, and €10 off for every €30 spend there. Bring on some competition and coupons..!!

andrew1977 Registered User

I can only imagine the traffic chaos this shopping centre will bring, the junctions around there are still dangerous even after news works
I see new set of lights installed ready to go on the Drogheda side of the shopping centre,, if i get nabbed at thos lights..it will add another 2 minutes to my commute

positron Registered User

andrew1977 said:
I can only imagine the traffic chaos this shopping centre will bring, the junctions around there are still dangerous even after news works

I agree. They should have done just one big roundabout than those two tight roundabouts that's really slow to drive thru even when the road is empty..!

Dingatron Registered User

Yep looks like people are going to have to learn how to drive on these roundabouts. Already had a few run ins with drivers in the incorrect lanes in both directions. Think I'll be going through the toll for a few weeks till it dies down a bit.

Wertz Registered User

lol what's people's problems with the double r'abouts? There's a staggered crossroads and a huge volume of traffic that was never previously allowed for exiting (and entering) to grange rath, and I think the structure of the road here is to account for all that.
Huge improvement on what was there previously especially trying to exit the colpe road to head Drogheda direction.

As for people not knowing how to use them? No surprise really...if people could even use indicators correctly on the r'abouts it would save so much more time and avoid incidents. It'd be of a lot more advantage to sign post the approaches with "Please signal your intentions before entering the roundabout" or similar instead of the f*cking stupid speed indicator "Ooh your current speed is 62kmph. SLOW DOWN"

positron Registered User

While I agree with what you are saying Wertz, but I do think the neck (what ever is the technical term) between two roundabouts is too narrow - made worse by adding a cycle track there - and the roundabouts themselves are a bit on the narrow side - would have been much nicer if they had one large, wide roundabout with plenty of flowers or a statue in the middle or something. IMHO, the current design is intentional to slow down drivers and make them more confortable to take an exit to checkout the shopping there..!

Okay, where did I leave my tin hat now..?

Wertz Registered User

It can be tricky all right, especially in the dark...I get the feeling that "safety" was built into the design, the thinking being to slow traffic coming into and on the r'about...whilst little thought has been given about safety itself (outside of the whole "OMG speed kills" issue) re; clearance space for larger vehicles, cyclists (why do they put cycle lanes so close to main roads like this anyhow?) and the like.
Given the seemingly god like abilty of shopping centres in the Drogheda area to dictate entire traffic routes (I'm looking at you Scotch hall, you've destroyed the North rd and are several accidents waiting to happen) to the local planners, your tinfoil hat may not be out of place.

CMpunked Registered User

Anybody know, apart from Dunnes being the anchor tennent.
What exactly is going into it?

positron Registered User

Wandered in there earlier today, mixed opinion - not sure if I like that open / outdoorsy setup - it might suit summer, but definitely not for these days. There's a cafe, and a florist open there, and a pharmacy is on its way. And oh, a butchers is coming up as well I think..! Dunnes itself isn't all that big - its probably a bit smaller than the one in Scotch hall. Hate their road setup all over - the traffic lights, lanes, road layout once your drive into the parking area - its all a bit all over the place and has a tight / squeeze as much in as possible / feel to it... The new set of traffic light is really going to be annoying real soon..!

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