bonkers Registered User

looking to get one as a present for someone with no computer.. could anyone reccommend one which would connect to the TV

dohda Registered User

Any multimedia drive can be connected straight to a tv. They are just a hard drive with media playing software on it. Usually connect via scart or component but can also come with HDMI if you want to pay extra for it.

There are loads of them on pixmania under: computer/storage/multimediadrives.

Best prices I've seen for them personally. Expect to pay +40% in the likes or harvey norman or pcworld.

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TestTransmission Registered User

PC World has a relatively good value one available at the moment.

Feelgood Registered User

Iomega Screenplay is your man....

Have two of them, comes with remote control and like a dream (though can be a bit noisy)

Iomega Screenplay

You might aswell go for the 750GB, its only an extra 30 yoyos against the 500GB..

dinneenp Registered User

Be warned though- if you drop them they are liable to stop working.
I'm looking at LaCie LaCinema- have a thread asking if it's more durable than others; it has rubber padding.

Mutlimedia external HDs are great though- with remote and all, I loved mine until I dropped it (2 feet).

Redsoxfan Registered User

A related question-I have an external MMHD connected to my TV via scart. I also have a Sky HD box, with the sound routed through a Samsung Home Cinema system. When I watch something on the MMHD the sound comes through the TV (obviously). Is there anyway to have the Sky box and the MMHD connected to the Home Cinema at the same time, so that I can have Home Cinema sound for both Sky and the MMHD?

eagleeyejoe Registered User

Hi, i'm also looking at buying one of these multimedia hard drives. I was looking at the Iomega hard drive. I have a few questions:

1) Should i be better to wait until after christmas as the price could come down significantly?
2) Is there any such multimedia hard drive that records directly from the TV?

Any advice appreciated. Cheers

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