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Hey just wondering whos up for headin to the snowball or needs a beerpong partner? i really wanna win the crate of beer up for grabs got this email the other day and sounds pretty cool..

The SnowBall,

DCU Snowboarding and Dance Soc are teaming up to put on one hell of a party, "The snowball" So far what we have planned; we called in a favour and have arranged for some actual snow at this, that means a snowmachine and Magic snow on the night. There'll also be a kickass Dj and a live performance from Dance Soc's Pussycat dolls. We've got eight ft snowmen and lotsa other snowy decorations too. Then of course we've got the infamous beerpong tournament with representatives of different clubs and societies and if you are still not sure about what it is check out this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oIZ9bZoi3c It'll give you a rough idea of what to expect. Its a tenner per person to play beerpong to cover the cost of the beer you'll be drinking but it works out that once you get past the second round its all free beer after that so as you can imagine it can get very messy Crates of beer are the prizes up for grabs in the tournament. We're organising a balloon avalanche for the end of the night and hidden inside a few of the balloons will be tickets to claim other prizes including snowboards, Society hoodies, Snowboarding DVD's, Snowboarding lessons vouchers, ipod shuffle and lots more. we'll be adding more fun and games to the line up so keep checking back to www.dcusnowboarding.com for the latest news.

Dan Murphy
Chairman of DCU Snowboarding
www.dcusnowboarding.com "

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Its on the 10th of December in the 'Old Bar ' in DCU at 8:30.. i was told to be der for the kick off of the beerpong tournament..

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