kevmy Registered User

I usually avoid most new software (or anything else) when it comes out first since there are nearly always bugs.

Now since there has been a month or two gone by, what's the views on Google Chrome?

Good, bad, average?

Are you using it as your preferred browser or is their really that much of a difference. I know each tab has its' own process so does it you lots of memory?

Anti Banned

I found it fairly crap, slow, memory hungry and just not my style. But i know others who love it !

biko Arbiter

It's ok like - I still prefer FF. It does have some nice features but I am a bit reluctant to hand over everything to Google (am aware they own pretty much the net anyway)

PaddyTheNth Registered User

Seriously fast loading times. Very quick rendering. The detach-page-and-use-as-application feature is very cool for things like Gmail. However it thrashed my hard drive fairly often when it was running so I uninstalled after about a week

kevmy Registered User

Fair enough probably not worth the bother then

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