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When I upload tracks from a CD into iTunes it wont get the cd names from the net .... all connectivity is fine and i ran the diagnostics and everything is ok ...
i can dl podcasts ok so thats more evidence for it not being a connectivity problem.

when i choose Advanced->Get CD Track names .. it flashes up Accessing Gracenote CDDB .. and then nothing ... no error message .. no failed message .. just nothing and the tracks are still listed as track 1, track2 .. etc under unknown artist ..

is there another way of getting track names quickly , another dB to use ?


Whats the CD?

jackdaw Banned

CD is Oasis Stop the clocks ...

nulabert Registered User

Go to Edit->preferences->General.

Tick the Automatically retrieve CD Track names from the internert

If its ticked, tick it on and off. This might re set it.

Close and open itunes and try again. I'm running itunes and the play button is funny sometimes. If in doubt, plug it out or restart!!!

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