lomb Registered User

i know inch and wuarter and inch and half are common but is 50 mm or 2 inch pipe commonly available for plumbing drain purposes? would b and q stock this or a dedicated plumbing merchant and anyone know one open on saturday. thanks

jack of all Registered User

You can get it alright (I presume you refer to ABS or PVC pipe?), but you probably won't get it at B & Q or the likes- it's often used to drain urinals and in heavy duty (high volume discharge) applications like public toilets, professional kitchens etc. Best to go to a proper plumber's merchant.

lomb Registered User

cheers, material doesnt matter i want to use it as a conduit prior to floor pouring to run electrical/monitor cables through later. when you say plumbing merchants do you mean like a builder provider or someone like heat merchants?

jack of all Registered User

You can get a flexible HDPE (I think) ducting in 50mm, commonly referred to as Wavin, it comes in a coil/ roll so would need to be strapped or tied in position when pouring concrete. It's pretty cheap I think and certainly more cost effective than plumbing pipe. any builder's providers would stock this.

lomb Registered User

cheers for the info, if flexible could it not result in the floor cracking later, there will only be 3 inch of screed (concrete) placed.

GreeBo Registered User

If you need strength in this then pvc is probably not going to cut it either.
How about running 2 or 3 smaller diameter pipes?

lomb Registered User

hiya think pvc solvent weld will be ok, there will be 1 inch above it at least and the arch shape is the strongest isnt it? builder is tieing down inch and a half pipes for drainage anyway so another half inch shouldnt make a difference. the large vga connectors are hard to thread though bends in inch and a half. what should i tie down with easily?i have no access to electric and would have to borrow or buy a cordless drill and even then drilling concrete may be tough. can i hammer in those little plastic cable hooks either side with nails on them and then cable tie them to this?

enmac Registered User

why not use red esb 50mm ducting - comes in rolls from most decent builders providers - it made for this sort of use

charliecon Registered User

If you lay a sheet of plastic over the piping to prevent the concrete getting underneath it will stop the pipe from rising

jack of all Registered User

With a 2" duct you will only have 25mm of cover and cracking or "telegraphing" will almost certainly occur. I've seen plumbers use plastic straps to tie down pipework, the strapping is shot fixed to the concrete- cheap and versatile. No need to use expensive red ESB duct, the black variety performs the same function and is cheaper.

lomb Registered User

was all fine in the end. used a combination of 1 and a half pipe and 2 inch 90 degree joints with reducers, so the cables can fit nicely around the bends but still keep the pipes covered . there is 2 inch pipe coming out of the knuckles and these will be sawn flush with the floor when poured. the pipes were hilti shot fixed down with straps by the builder in a few minutes. b and q indeed do stock the 50mm and was half the price of the builders providers but their fittings were twice the price.

jack of all Registered User

Very good, interesting that about B&Q prices though.....

GreeBo Registered User

all those shops are like that. Some stuff is dirt cheap but then they screw you on some other bits in the assumption that you assume its all cheap. Its often *much* cheaper to boy half the bits in B&Q and the other half in Woodies for example. I've often found things in B&Q that are far cheaper than Brooks, Heiton Buckley, Chadwicks etc. Problem is that they dont have all the things you would need. We really need them to up their game, or get someone like Home Depot over here.

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