conceited Banned

For the matches the other night. Say coyle and the russian.

T-K-O Registered User

Who is Coyle signed with ?

I reckon he would have a yearly contract 60k a year if he was lucky at this stage.

No way the Russian got 10k -He deserved it.

03mcgs0 Registered User

Its not great money whatsoever.

No way the Russian got €10,000. Coyle wouldn't have even got that. Maybe he got €8,000.. Obviously it’s up for debate as I’m not associated with either the Coyle camp or Peters Camp, but based on other pro fighters on undercards they aren’t paid great. I know one up and coming fighter and he is/was on about €5000-€4000 a fight.

walshb Registered User

That Russian deserved more than the whole damn lot of them together!

dlofnep Closed Account

I've no idea of what pay is like in boxing. I'd estimate Coyle maybe got 8 or 9k because it was his hometown.

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