conceited Banned

For the matches the other night. Say coyle and the russian.

T-K-O Registered User

Who is Coyle signed with ?

I reckon he would have a yearly contract 60k a year if he was lucky at this stage.

No way the Russian got 10k -He deserved it.

03mcgs0 Registered User

Its not great money whatsoever.

No way the Russian got €10,000. Coyle wouldn't have even got that. Maybe he got €8,000.. Obviously it’s up for debate as I’m not associated with either the Coyle camp or Peters Camp, but based on other pro fighters on undercards they aren’t paid great. I know one up and coming fighter and he is/was on about €5000-€4000 a fight.

walshb Registered User

That Russian deserved more than the whole damn lot of them together!


I've no idea of what pay is like in boxing. I'd estimate Coyle maybe got 8 or 9k because it was his hometown.

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