Patrickof Registered User

Am looking into a laser measuring tool and see the latest models come with bluetooth connectivity to MS excel on a PC or PDA.

I have a hilti pd22 which has worked perfectly for 5 years now but doesn't have all the functionality of the more modern ones.

Anyone any experience of the non-hilti lasers (Leica or Bosch)?

Or has anyone used the software - is it handy or just a gimmick?

(application will be measuring for BER certs for existing dwellings)

RKQ Registered User

Use a Leica disto... would be lost without it.
Great range, very accurate and excellent for building surveys.
I don't connect it up to any software, so can't comment.

topcatcbr Registered User

I have the disto A5 but if i could justify the expense i would buy the A8

Great machine up to 200m

Builderfromhell Registered User

I've been using the leica Disto classic for years.
Not only do I not download from it (if thats even possible), but I have never used the bulk of the functions.
I do however find it a very good and robust tool

kceire Registered User

using the disto A3 at the moment, great and accurate but still have my old fashioned tape as back up and for those annoying little corners and for bathrooms! i find the reflection from tiles sends it on a mad one LOL

gman2k Registered User

Disto is an amazing tool for doing quick one man surveys, but steel tape will still be more accurate.
Have never used any of the other functions apart from distance.
Ex-colleague uses the Bosch model and says it's spot on too.
Can't ever see myself hooking up a laser tool to the PDA, even though I'm into gadgets!

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