What's your method for making tea ?

Mine is :

  • Boil kettle
  • As soon as it boils pour water on the tea bag
  • push tea bag down into cup,slam against side of cup, swirl around a bit
  • Leave to settle for a min
  • More bashing,stirring,dunking,dipping
  • Remove tea bag
  • Stir in sugar (I like to say 1 and a half)
  • Stir in milk (I like enough milk so that I can drink it straight away without burning my tongue off)

rockbeer Registered User

I don't have any builders in at the moment

Orla K Registered User

My father, who's a builder, when he's working he leaves the tea bag in the cup and takes three sugars(depending on the size of the mug) when he's not working he takes the tea bag out with the same amount of sugar.

My uncle on the other hand loves the old road workers way of making tea, boil loose tea leaves, sugar and some water in a cistern.

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