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Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone know of a prometric exam centre that open on a Saturday?

I remember an old friend of mine sitting exams on a Saturday but I can't seem to find anywhere that does.

I'm very busy at work at the moment with training and I'm getting alot of hands on experience - I don't want to take a day from work for the exam (unless completely necessary).

Any suggestions appreciated.



daithi69 Registered User

Hi iRock

Saturdays are dificult for most centres as most staff do not like working on Saturday's and only certified administrators are allowed supervise exams.

If you PM me i can have a look.



NullZer0 Registered User

Cheers daithi69,

PM sent

donaghs Registered User

New Horizons on Strand Street? Parallel with Abbey St., Dublin 1.

NullZer0 Registered User

donaghs said:
New Horizons on Strand Street? Parallel with Abbey St., Dublin 1.

Cheers for the reply but unfortunately it turns out that New Horizons can't schedule for Saturdays

shergar76 Registered User

I'm pretty sure that none of the test centre's offer Saturday tests due to reasons outlined by daithi69

G-Man80 Registered User

There is a place in Waterford that offers testing on a Saturday and even Sunday! CTC (Computer Training Centre) is the place I believe you can book it through prometrics website

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