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Do you know of a children's charity that could do with a bit of a hand at xmas?

It doesnt have to be anything xmassy, it can be any sort of project that assists and improves the quality of life for children in need, any kind of need.
It can even be assistance for a fund raising attempt (provided that the fund raising is 100% for the charity, no profit/pay for those involved).

If you can help me target some of the smaller charities inside and outside Dublin, please let me know either here, or in private!


kmick Registered User

Dont know if you have considered this one.

Saw them on the late late one year and they seemed like saints (literally). Have sent a few very small donations there over the years and we currently have their old print cartridge collection in work.

DeVore The monster's daddy!

I kinda want to get info from people inside the organisation as to what they would like us to bring or what would work. Also we dont donate toys directly to kids, we try and maximise the benefit by buying them for the clinics and care-homes.

J&J are a great organisation and we have supported them in previous years by sponsoring a boardsie who was doing a cycle for them. I'm ok with doing that so long as I know the person and also so long as 100% goes to the charity (in that case he was covering his own costs and also raising a quite bit extra himself).

I'll be putting out a wide call for Santa Spies soon


kmick Registered User

I dont know anyone in there personally but I'm sure Jonathan Irwin (CEO) would take a call if he was being offered services or money.

nkay1985 Registered User


I work in Bausch & Lomb in Waterford and there's a committee of people here who do a thing called Vision for Vasilvichi. Vasilvichi is a town in Belarus (I think), near Chernobyl. Because of this, there are loads of problems with children's sight over there.

They do get money from us here alright. And they visit Ireland once a year usually. But I'm sure any extra help would always be welcome.

I can get more information if you'd like.

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