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Over the last month or so, my hair is starting to get very dry - feels like straw right now. I got a hair cut about 3 weeks ago and it looked like I was losing hair at my fringe - it was just damaged/shorter hair and after the cut, it looked normal again.
This morning, it looked brutal - I have a cow's lick and it's nearly disappeared. Is there anything to put into hair to thicken it?


Unfortunately this is the time of year that effects peoples hair and skin. Heat causes dry hair but so does wind. a hat is a great for prevention when going out into the cold. And you shouldn't wash your hair every day (if you do) 2 or 3 times a week is enough. and to help thicken the hair use combs over brushes and once a week before bed massage olive oil into the scalp, leave over night and wash the next morning with chemical free shampoo

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Wash it every day - have to shower anyway, dirty work environment.

It's short enough that I don't need to comb it and I can't wear hats! I spend more time in the car than on foot, so can't complain of the cold a lot.

Thanks for the reply, I'll try a shower cap - see if that makes a difference.

What will the olive oil do anyway?

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