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I inquired today about my eligibility for job seekers benefit.the lady checked my PRSI contributions and said i had more than enough and that all i had to bring in was my P60 from 2006, two forms of ID, proof of my address and my P45 when i received it.

i then went get everythingtogether to bring them in and i couldnt find a P60 for 2006 i have one for 2004 2005 and 2007 but not for 2006. i am fairly rigid when it comes to these things and any documentation i get i keep in a folder so im lead to believe i never got one for that year as i was in college and was probably out of work over that christmas even though i am not fully sure! plus i was in college most of the other years also so i dont really know why i dont have one for tha year.

i dont know what to do!! can i just apply somewhere to get another one or can they go ahea without it. i didnt want to ring her back because i had also rang earlier.

she also didnt tell me i needed any letters from employers saying they couldnt hire me... i thought you needed these to get this benefitto prove you were actually looking for a job?

i would appreciate any help!

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It is not essential to have your P60 from 2006, as Social Welfare have access to Revenue screens to check your contributions for that year. It would only be necessary to supply it if there was any sort of anomaly between what your employer indicated on your P60 and Revenue records.

Don't delay - get into the welfare office as soon as possible, as a claim is usually only registered from the day you first present yourself. It is rarely backdated. Tip - get into the office early in the morning when it is quieter and less of a queue.

All you need is two forms of ID, ie long version of your birth cert, and driving licence or passport, along with proof of address. If you have your P45 bring it, but don't wait for it as your claim can be registered without this.

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i was in today with application form and everything i needed bar the p60 from 2006 and my P45 as i hadnt got it yet.

The lady gave me a form called a UP12 and ticked boxes stating that i needed to get my P45 and my P60. i asked her how i would go about this and she said the revenue and i told her i had already rang the revenue and they said they do not issue p60 that the best they could do was give me a p21 and she said that wouldn't be any good and she said i would have to go to each of my employers in 2006 (i had three as i was in college, weekends and summer work experience) and ask each of them for a p60 for work i did 2 years ago!! and she wants this within 7 days!!

and she gave me a form called a G.S.W. which tells me i have to register with FAS and i looked up the FAS website and they try to get you to do courses to re-educate yourself...i am just out of college and waiting to go back into college if not next September then September 2010 i cannot be reeducating myself with a FAS course i have two bloody law degrees what is wrong with this picture!!

she also told me i have twice the amount of credits paid up - that is because i worked my feckin ass off while i was in college and now im told i have to go and do some other course they know im doing a saturday course already startin next week because i put it down on my form so i dunno. i can't describe hwat im feeling. i think it is pretty clear i am not trying to scam them i would love to have a bloody job and not be mopping around at home all day i cant even get a waitressing job.

i really dont know what imgoing to do about the p60's like i will feel like some ass going into my former employers telling them i am going on the dole and i neeed them to dig through their files to find out exactly what contributions i paid and for how long oh and i need it snappy!!

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Pandas, this woman is being difficult. I have had experience of working in Social Welfare, and can confirm that it is not essential for her to have your P60 - she already has access to your record. Ask her why she needs the P60 when the information is in front of her. Is there a problem with your record? Bloody hell! People like her really get on my goat - she is such a jobsworth. Return on Monday, and explain calmly that you can't get your P60, and that Revenue confirmed this fact to you. She already has all the info she needs. If she persists, ask (nicely) to speak to an EO or HEO. I'm actually angry on your behalf. Wagon!

Don't worry about the GSW form. Just fill it in as completely as you can. It's just really a form asking you to state where you have been looking for full time employment. On the back, just list the places you have applied to, and attach letters or emails if you have them. You have to register with FAS, but that is very much to your advantage, as they may contact you if suitable vacancies arise. You have a month to register with FAS, and they usually will provide a letter confirming this.

Good luck!

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+1 to uoloul .. She is being difficult! As i to worked for Dept of Social & Family Affairs i know this info will be right in front of her on her system! Ring them up and explain your case, there will always be someone else there to talk to who will explain everything to you in the way you understand!
As for fás just register with them, doesnt mean you have to do a course, just say you will they just want to know you are doing your upmost to look for a job.

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