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It's driving me mad that I can't find any reference to this online.

The same house is used in Meet the Fockers, Mr & Mrs Smith. Along Came Polly, Failure to Launch and about 10 other films I can't think of right now (some of them good, honest).

It's that white fronted, psuedo colonial looking one.
Anyone else notice it?

Ciaran B Registered User

I'm not familiar with this house but using one location for several films is fairly common.

There's an excellent documentry called Los Angeles Plays Itself about this. It goes on about famous locations used in loads of films set in LA.

kittex Registered User

Found a picture of it and blog about it here:

It mentions the other films at the end of the article too. Not a lot of mention of the fact that same facade is used but I don't know if that's a given as the writer is the set designer who appears to have worked on them.

Here's another site mentioning it, or one very like it, being used in 'Guess Who' and 'Father of the Bride'

Seems to be 2 or 3 near identical houses in Pasadena area that used for films a lot.

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