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keith123 said:
Nice blog Krusty

We must go for a run before this 10k aware as I reckon we'll cross the line together going by the time you want to do.

We can work through the race together if you want. Not sure it'll disrupt your rhythm thou.

Hi Keith123, after that disastrous half-marathon in the park, I'm not sure that it's such a good idea.
I prefer to see you about 200 metres before the finish line, as it'll give me the impetus for one last push.
But seriously, give me a shout, and we'll go for a run..

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4 Miles Easy, which has helped recover from yesterday's 3 sessions. 31 mins, @ 4:54/km. Tomorrow, going for a hike/run again in the afternoon, so the scheduled session will have to be moved.

Wed: Strength training + Run/Hike - Wicklow Way
Thu: 4 Miles w/ 2@PRP + 9k @Easy pace
Frid: Strength training + 3 Miles Easy w/Strides
Sat: 4x400m Reps @5K pace
Sun: XBox. Possibly 6 Miles Easy.

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12 Miles from Crone Wood up around Prince William's Seat and back again.
Ran about 2/3 of the distance and hiked up the steep hills.

Feeling tired and sore. Need to catch up on my speed-work though.

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4 Miles, with 2 miles @ race pace:
Mile 2: 4:00/km (6:26)
Mile 3: 4:04/km (6:33)

Still a little quicker than I should be running, but it was easier than last week's 2 mile race pace run, despite yesterday's long hill run. Still ran out of steam towards the end. Another 6 miles this evening (easy).


Hey Krusty, you're going strong. Making me quite envious reading your hill routes, I've never ran PWS yet, will do someday- are you thinking of doing any IMRA runs next year?

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Thanks donothoponpop. The double session days are largely unintentional. I'm trying to stick to Amadeus' BAC training schedule and still go running a couple of days a week with a few friends. It's probably resulting in a lot of 'dead' miles, but I enjoy running, so what the hell...

I'm looking forward to the resumption of the IMRA races, particularly the Wednesday evening (Leinster League?) races, which were a lot of fun. I don't yet have the level of cardio fitness to run all the way to the top, but it's such a different experience to the big, formal, chipped and sponsored races, that I really enjoyed them. I only did two, as I joined late, and then with the Longford marathon in August, gave 'em up due to risk of injury. But will hopefully do a lot more next year.

Time to get ready.. Next six miles are a 'callin.

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Good running KC and good pace. Sounds like you're in good form for the Aware run. With your hill training you'll have a good base for your next marathon challenge whenever that is

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3 Miles in Shanganagh Park, with strides. Overall pace: 4:26/km.

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First ever interval session, and it seemed to go very well.
15 Minute warm-up and subsequent warm down. Did 8 x 400m repetitions, with 200m rest. I was aiming for a sub 4:00/km pace, but averaged somewhere around 3:45/km pace for the intervals.

Had plenty left in the tank after the repetitions. I launched into a ninth rep, before I realized I was done, and was in warm-down phase (would've been a long 15 minute interval!). Forerunner 405 worked out brilliant. Looking forward to doing more of these sessions.

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Ran a fast practice 10K today. Average pace 4:16km, so finished in 42:46, a whole half minute better than my personal best. I'm very happy with that, as there were strong winds in my face on some of the way out and also some of the return leg (spiteful winds!). Also, on the back of a 50 mile week, and an interval session yesterday, should hopefully allow for some room for improvement for the Aware 10k.

Was pretty wrecked afterwards, but there's definitely still gains to be made (particularly if there aren't strong winds constantly in my face in Phoenix park and lesser hills than today's route). Knee giving me some feedback, but will stick to strength training and footie tomorrow.

Going to run the Aware course next week (target time = sub 1 hour) just to get an idea of the hills, and the layout, so will report back with maps and elevation profiles after Thursday's run. Positive end to a tough week.


Well done Krusty- some great running going on there

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Morning: HH strength training
Afternoon: 2K warmup, followed by 6.5kms on the football pitch.

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Good going on the 10k progress Krusty!

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4 Mile Lactate Threshold run scheduled for today.
Did a 2K warm-up, then struggled to get my heart rate up into the Lactate threshold zone, which by my calculations, would be 152-171bpm (80-90%).

Finally got it into the right zone, after 3.5kms, and kept it up there for for the next 6.5kms (4 miles), so in the end did 10kms. Average HR for the 4 miles would have been around 156 (around 82%).

Question: Does LT training work better if you are closer to the higher end of your LT zone?

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Krusty_Clown said:

Question: Does LT training work better if you are closer to the higher end of your LT zone?

Not necessarily - LT training is all about working at the specific "threshold", i.e. you don't want to be working things too hard as that would negate the benefits of LT training. I think Pfitzinger and Douglas say that slower runners should work at the faster end of the LT zone, and faster runners should work at the slower end (but they don't really say what a faster runner or slower runner is) - would imagine you'd be in the faster runner category though.

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