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I rescued a dog from a dog pound in Dublin on Wednesday. Visited the vets that day and commenced on Marbocyl antibiotics for 6 days as he picked up a viral infection by displaying loose poos and slight temperature. This morning, started hacking. Have given him Benylin cough syrup too aswell as antibiotics for it. I know its kennel cough. Is there anything else i can give him to ease the symptoms?

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Have soaked his dinner too so its soft to swallow and not irritate his throat.

mary123 Banned

well done for rescuing the poor lad. Lots of dogs from the pounds develope this. I would continue what ur doing but make sure u keep him warm and away from other dogs as this is air bourne. Also put some honey into his water to ease his throat and also make sure the cough medicine is for kids.
Any chance of pics?

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Thanks Mary. Popping out to buy honey. Cough syrup is ok.
Here's a pic of him but not one taken by me only from the website.
Here he is.

Going to have to cancel vet appt to be neutered etc and groomers appt too. Dont want to infect any other dogs with KC.

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How much honey do you put in the water? I have got the squeezy honey, added to water but sank to bottom. So mixed it.

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When our two had kennel cough we didnt add anything to the water, we just put a glob in our palm (1 cent size for toy dog, 1 euro size for rottweiler) and let them lick it, morning and night (washing hands between the dogs because they can pass it back and forth even if both are suffering from kc). Ordinary boyne valley honey did us, but the raw stuff is better.

Loosen out his collar/take it off in the house too so he doesnt feel its irritating his throat. Somtimes helps, sometimes doesnt.

Its an airborne thing so might be an idea not to be walking him. Just because there's no one around, doesnt mean your dog cant pass it on, the dog can, which is how others can pick it up on walks with no other dogs around.

If he's spitting up fluid, make sure and clean it up straight away and disinfect the area.

If he's wheezing and finding it hard enough to breath with irritated airways, you can put him in a small room if you have one, pour some hot steaming water into a bowl and dissolve a bit of the vicks vapour rub in the water. Make sure he cant get at the bowl, and that you are either with him or can see him so that he doesnt try knock it or drink it.

It wont do anything for the cough, but when he's on antibiotics they will also kill off friendly bacteria, so you could give him some natural yoghurt/probiotics to build back up the friendly stuff and help his immune system to recover. Its best leaving this til he's recovered from the cough though, you dont want to be making the production worse!

Well done for rescuing him, he's gorgeous!

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Thanks Beth. His collar is off, took it off yesterday morning. Also i am not taking him out because its very irresponsible as a dog owner to do so , so does his business in the garden until completely recovered. The other reason is he has only had his first vax so dont want him picking up any other bug. He is coughing a bit less than yesterday so first thing this morning, had antibiotic, cough mixture and honey into mouth.
He is an indoor dog so keeping warm too.
Cheers for your advice.

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