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My last thread was closed, so I'll go again, i wasn't asking to be diagnosed, I was asking if anyone knows if VHI will cover a MRI scan, if anyone could help with this it would be appreciated

trout Pastor of Muppets

This might help ...

My read of it is VHI may cover an MRI, under certain conditions and by referral.
Visit your doctor, and explain how you've been feeling. MRI may be appropriate, or not ... only your doctor will know.

Good luck

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Obviously your level of cover will dictate. As a general rule of thumb though they won't cover it on an outpatient basis but will if you are an inpatient. The easiest is to dig out your policy number and give them a bell.


I'm on plan B and they covered the total cost of an MRI I had last year, was refered from my GP to a private clinic.

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I'm on VHI Plan B and had an MRI last year at Blackrock Clinic which they covered, and paid directly to the clinic .. no money changed hands.

Alternatively you could always just read the handy little policy booklet which VHI supplied you with, which explains everything that's covered, which is what I did

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Why don't you just ring them? They are open until 8:00pm.

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I got an MRI on VHI but I had to pay €100.00 to see a specialist before hand...

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