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Has anybody tried for a weight loss program.

I am thinking of signing up. It's fairly steep but if helps me then of course it is worth it.

I would be very interest to hear from anybody that has tried it.

The program is 20 weeks. 15 minutes/week after your first consultation. You basically eath healthy and they have info/cds (motivational tools .etc) and also bars/shakes that you take in addidition to your meals ..


Seeing as you're new you might not know we have a fitness forum:

If nothing else it's full of helpful info. Have a look through the stickies and maybe look for a couple of opinions there.

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cheers sandor, this is just about diet not really any fitness involved but cheers I will repost

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medias said:
cheers sandor, this is just about diet not really any fitness involved but cheers I will repost

There's also a Nutrition and Diet forum here that's a little less, shall we say, "full-on" than the Fitness forum IMO.

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Alun said:
There's also a Nutrition and Diet forum here that's a little less, shall we say, "full-on" than the Fitness forum IMO.

Plus in the nutrition (and fitness forums) you can post a blog/log of your eating/excercise. I do it on the fitness logs board and find it a big help and motivation.

seamus Dental Plan!

Do a search about motivation. There was a thread recently enough (last month) about a girl who'd signed up and was having trouble.

Basically what they do is give you a very low calorie diet (c. 800kcal/day), encourage you to pay serious money to buy their low-calorise bars and shakes and provide you with consultations which are designed to "attack" the reason why you're overweight in the first place - the ideology the plan is based on believes that all overweight people are overweight because they have unhappiness or other mental problems.

It probably works. An 800kcal diet over a month will work. The laws of nature say that it has to. Coming off it though will take a serious amount of time and application.

I know a girl who took a similar course (I don't know if it was with motivation) where she ate very little for a good while. It was the kind of diet where if she had a glass of wine when she went out one night, all she could have for dinner was a small fatless chicken fillet.

The results were great. She was a big girl, and she lost in the region of 6 stone in about 4 months. She lost weight so quickly that she was talking about surgery to cleanup all the floppy skin she was left with - with healthy weight loss, the skin should contract and tighten naturally.

Then her dietician called it a resounding success, left her to her own devices and in the same space of time regained the weight and then some.

Not trying to discourage you or tell you that it's crap - I have no doubt that it works - but read up on what it is and how it works before handing over any cash.

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Pretty much what Seamus said, a friend of mine is doing it at the moment she showed me the diet plan and the two thoughts that came to mind were that's it's a lot of work / very strict, a lot of it was also pretty obvious although I thought it was a bit extreme and I also thought it was a massive amount of money to spend.
My friend is only doing it a few weeks and so far it's working, but yeah I could imagine it all going back on again.

Try unislim or weightwatchers, they both get good results and appear to be a lot easier to follow. Oh and stay away from educogym.

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medias said:
cheers sandor, this is just about diet not really any fitness involved but cheers I will repost

Will the fitness won't agree. Trust me diet and fitness are one in the same thing when it comes to weight management. To control your weight you need both cylinders firing. As I said the fitness guys will let you know.


CerebralCortex said:
Trust me diet and fitness are one in the same thing when it comes to weight management.

'tis true.

\thinks about how to phrase this in sweeping general statements...

Let's say, for example, that your body is analogous to a car, with a clapped out, banger of a veh-icle that struggles to reach 50kmph akin to the body of someone who has neglecting their physique (i.e. overweight, unfit).

If you put crap petrol in a crap car, it won't run well (I don't know if petrol actually comes in grades but for the sake of this discussion it does ). Likewise if you put junk food in your less-than-ideal body it won't run well.

If you were to put grade A+ petrol in your sub-par body it might run better, but it will only be temporarily. Sooner or later something will inevitably break down and no amount of super high quality fuel will bring it back to life.

But if you were to overhaul the car - new bodywork, new tyres, a bit of general engine tlc - the combination of grade A+ petrol and the upgrade works would ensure it would purr like a kitten. Similarly, if you increase your fitness and provide good food for your body, it will work a lot more efficiently.

If you put crap petrol into the classy chassis, you'd get away with it, but again only for a short amount of time.

The simple fact is that the less fit you are, the less capable you are of efficiently breaking down your food. In order to lose weight and keep it off you need to work on a combination of food and fitness. Doing one on its own has very limited results.

Hyooooge apologies to any motoring nuts who are currently shaking their head in disbelief at my lack of grasp on all things car-ish

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Gillo said:
Oh and stay away from educogym.

Out of curiosity why?

I'll stay away because of their mindlessly high fees and my sheer lack of time atm, but why them specifically?

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on - any diet that advocates 800 kcals per day/drastically undereating and CHARGES you for the privilege is to be avoided like the plague.

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I started the motivation plan in july 2007. I lost 5.5 stone over a 9 month period. I'll try to give a brief description of pros and cons. The main idea behind this is a high protien and low carb diet, maybe three servings of carbs a day. A potato is a carb, 2 slices of weight watchers bread is a carb and so on. You get your protein from supplements bought form the Motivation people everyweek along with a weigh in and private consultation with a councellor - advisor.

I started the plan and did maybe an hours walking every evening and swimming about 3 evenings a week. The weight started coming off quickly, after 3 weeks I had a stone lost. This continued maybe 2 pounds a week, 1 pound a week and so on.

Right the cons. After three or four weeks, I had to see a doctor about being constipated. A side effect of all the protien. What bothered me at times was the attitude of the advisors. I got the impression that they were also motivated. Motivated to sell you the next self help book or tape made by this organisation. I bought some of the books and tapes, they're not cheap. I met some of them out on the town one night, I was drinking Diet 7up and I got bollocked for it the following week. I should have been drinking water apparantly.

2 years later, I'm back at square one. Once the plan was finished it was hard to go back to eating "regular" food again. Its mostly my own fault to be honest, I work 12 hour days most of the time now and find it hard to find the time to exercise. I spose I know can lose it again, just not sure if I'd go back with that plan. It can work for people, dont get me wrong, you just have to be very disciplined.

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If your looking for something with a motivational slant.
Check out
It provides a healthy tailored diet and excercise plan or you can track your own routine. Peer support through forums, group challenges and social networking pages. Constant education on health, fitness, goal attainment and nutrition. Basically every tool you could ever want to lose weight or get fit. And it is free.

Shelling out money isn't going to motivate you to lose lbs.
That has to be a choice you decide to make on a day to day basis.

the_syco ITS SO FLUFFY!!!

Personal view of these fads: they'll let you loose weight, but once they're over, you're back to step one.

On the other hand, if you loose fat with fitness, you gain muscle, and after a while you'll need to eat more to feed your muscles.

Me, I used to one of those f**kers who could eat anything, and not gain a pound. Around 1st year in post-primary, when I stopped doing mad amounts of exercise, playing football, etc, I started to gain weight. Hoping to loose some in the next while, but my point is: fat-loss fads stop, and yer back to step one.

Do something you enjoy fitness-wise (swimming, walking, etc), you can loose your weight, and then cut it down to maybe twice a week, and keep fat level down. Oh, and fat-loss fads are usually either costly to your bank balance, or your health. Fitness improves your health.

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800cals a day seems insane.

If you build some muscle you'll burn more fat doing anything you do(including sitting down)

Low GI diet probably the most sensible.

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