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I'm relatively new to It's a good service, but I have to say that the pages take an age to load, regardless of what thread I'm in.

It's not my broadband connection, laptop or web browser. All other sites I visit (...including forums similar to are fine.

What's going on?


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Doesn't seem that slow at all to me. What county are you in?

It goes through the odd patch, but it hasn't been exceptionally slow for a good while.

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I'm from Co Cork and have a 1Mb broadband connection with Eircom. The laptop is only a year old and never had any virus problems.

Using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (..version 7.0.6001.18000 to be exact..). Maybe it's a web browser add-on issue. But as far as I know I have the latest versions of Java, Flash, MSXML, Shockwave, MS Silverlight. I also have the latest updates for Vista and Norton Anti-virus.

Pages on boards take aprox 20 seconds to load (including hitting the Back arrow in the browser), whereas all other sites take about 4 seconds. It's been like this since I first joined boards.

...Just tried on the older home PC (which has the same OS & browser as laptop), and it took on average 5 seconds to load pages !!

Why is the problem only my laptop, and why is it only when I view on it that the problem happens?


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Up to now I was using Norton 360 (Internet security/Anti-virus) v1.0

I downloaded and installed Norton 360 v2.0 (didn't have to pay as it's a free upgrade).

Now works fine. Forum pages take the usual 3 - 5 seconds per page load. The frustration is over . Must have been a registry or cache problem.

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Indeed, pages on boards can be quite heavy in terms of links and scripts and the like. If the Norton AV engine was inefficient, it may have taken it a while to scan all of the various objects on a page before it could be rendered.

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