Have to drive to Belfast tomorrow from Waterford, collecting one of the lads in Dublin. How long does it take to get to Belfast from Dublin? Just need to work out for what time I will be there at. Thanks.


Gaspode Woof!

Short question long answer! it depends entirely on the time of day - early morning & late at night, i.e. outside rush hours I'd say 1hr 30 - 1hr 45mins is easily possible. hit the rush hour in either city though and its 2:30 - 3hrs.


At about 5 o'clock I'd say. Thanks Des.

Bluetonic Registered User

Where in Dublin to where in Belfast?

Safe to presume motorway at full speed?

Do you pay or avoid toll roads?


City centre. Don't mind paying for toll roads.

Gavin "shels" Registered User

Will take the guts of 45 mins to get from the city centre to the M1, done it a few weeks back from Harolds Cross and it took the best part of an hour.

Bluetonic Registered User

dlofnep said:
City centre. Don't mind paying for toll roads.

Well say from the IFSC, head straight out via the port tunnel, you'll be at the M1 in 10 minutes from the IFSC.

Around 2 hours from there to the center of Belfast, won't be mad traffic there at 7pm.

Victor Registered User

Have your passenger get a bus to the airport or Swords.

Dublin Bus route 747, 748,
Swords Express.

Bluetonic Registered User

Better still get you passenger to get the enterprise from Connolly.

stooge Registered User

from city centre to city centre leaving dublin at 5pm I'd say you will get to Belfast at around 7.45pm.

traffic is heavy all the way up to collins avenue. and then will be heavy again going into newry at the roundabout.

Apart from that it'll be a straight run.

I leave D6 around 4.30 on a Friday and get up there around 7.30pm.

If your friend can do it, suggest to him to get a bus to the airport and collect him up there. saves the trouble of going through town.


get the train...friday night traffic out of dublin will be grim, traffic snarls up badly around newry as well, could take 3 and half hours amd more on a bad night.

Train is city centre to city centre. Handy as.

Wishbone Ash Registered User

I think I'll throw this over to C & T - not really a Dublin City Forum matter.

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