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C\m\C said:

Freud seemed to be a very charismatic and somewhat charming man.

Ha, I think he sounds like a dick [:
Great work though.

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Anna Molly said:
Ha, I think he sounds like a dick [:
Great work though.

Why would you say that? The have been lots of character analysis on Freud, what contributions are you basing your dick on?

Also out of interest you said you thought much of his work, did you read much? I ask as I find people saying "I read Freud" to be one of the most ambiguous statements I hear around psychotherapy, it can refer to reading what someone thought about Freud to reading the Penuin Freud Libarary of the Standard Edition to anywhere between those points.

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The theory of the Unconscious is central:

It would be impossible to imagine the writings of the 20th century without Freud's influence.
The obsession with memory became institutionalised.

A visit to Freud's house in London will reveal more about the person than any reading of his texts could:

He was an almost obsessive collector and this trait permeates his case histories, I think.

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