Tom-eg Registered User

Are there any keyboard shortcuts i can use to take a screen snapshot?? Ta

Delirium cosmic voice

Found this on the web, could give it a try.

go to START menu > accessories > accessibility > onscreen keyboard
you'll get a keyboard on your screen which you can control by your can find the PRNT SCR (PSC) button next to F12 button.go to the page you want to take screen shot,keep the on-screen keyboard a little aside and click on will print your screen without a keyboard

suilen Registered User

You could also download a free trial of "snagit", Its a program for taking screen shots. Its pretty good I have used it before.

beerbaron Registered User

Or if you have vista, use the snip tool.

BaBiT Registered User

If its just the active window you want then alt and prtsc will copy it to your clipboard...if its the whole screen then ctrl and prtsc will do it...The just go to your MS Paint program (you'll find that in start>>programs>>accessories>>paint) then just go to edit on the menu bar and paste the clipboard in...the just save it and thats it

JohnK Subscriber

If you need to take a few captures something like PrintKey Pro has a 30 day trial and lets you choose which key to use as the printscreen key

Creamy Goodness Registered User

if you have vista there's a capture tool under

blue circle thingy >> programs >> accessories >> capture program

can't think of it's proper name.

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