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Anyone have a phone number for the office?

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They're not based in Fitzwilliam Place anymore, down in Hanover Quay.
call 6694700 and they'll give you the Facebook number

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Zatman said:
Probably will be out of Dublin as land as rent is cheaper e.g. Leixlip

There office from what I can remember is down near Georges Dock/ Baggot Street Area. Mate went for an interview with them (i'll check with him and get back to you guys)

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According to http://www.jobsguideireland.com/jobs-at-facebook-dublin-ireland/
The address is -
Hanover Reach
Grand Canal Harbour
Dublin 2.

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Can anyone confirm that facebook are in Grand Canal Harbour ...

jdivision Registered User

Yes they are. And given you don't believe previous poster:


THE ONLINE social networking giant, Facebook, is taking extra office space at its new Dublin office only a month after moving in.

The multinational company originally leased one of the six floors in Hanover Reach, a prestigious new office block overlooking Grand Canal Harbour at Hanover Quay in Dublin 2.

Facebook originally leased 1,114sq m (12,000sq ft) of space but has now taken an additional two floors extending to 836sq m (9,000sq ft).

Orlee Registered User

Certainly wasn't insinuation that Ogham was wrong but that reference was the only place I could find that gave details of their whereabouts. Nothing wrong with getting a second opinion?!

Thanks for that link jdivision

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I sure hope randomers don't all start showing up at the Facebook offices, I suspect they don't take kindly to uninvited guests

Ogham Registered User

I think they would prefer job applications via Facebook

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jdivision said:
They're based in Ellier Developments office block on Hanover Quay, it's called The Waterfront I think.

that's right. :-)

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