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Hi all,
Had a consultation with optical express during the week, and was very impressed. I knew going in that I wouldn't be paying 595 per eye, and I ended up deciding that Wavefront LASIK (without intralase) is the best for me, with a cost of 1373 per eye.
Before I make any rash decisions, I'd like to hear from you. Have you been to Optical Express (or Optilase) for that matter? Are you happy?

Looking forward to reading your responses,

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I went with Optliase, and am very happy. See my post below for more details:

I had Wavefront Lasik with Optilase on the 23rd August and I'd definitely recommend them. The procedure itself was a bit gross for me, but I'm really squeamish so the fact that I was conscious for it and could see what they were doing freaked me out a bit. There was a lovely technician who held my hand for the whole thing .

They were lovely, really friendly and went through all the details of the procedure with me before hand and then the aftercare too. I was given aftercare details at my pre-op so I had a chance to familiarise myself with them before the surgery. In my aftercare pack, I got the antibiotic drops, anti-inflammatory drops, and 3 bottles of those 'Blink' artificial tear drops. I also got plastic eye shields and tape. I had to wear the shields for about ten days after the surgery, at night.

In my first week after surgery I went through the whole three bottles of blink. (I just finished off the third one as I was going in for my weekly check up). They gave me more at my check up. I haven't had to use the drops at all for the last two days now, and my eyes feel pretty much normal. Very little halos or anything, drove down from Belfast last night and I was grand.

All in all, I found them very friendly and efficient, they answered all my questions and encouraged me to get in touch if I had anything else I needed to ask.

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I'm going to get it done with OE too soon, I'm only eligible for the LASEK because of the thinness of my corneas) and Waveform (which I would have gone for anyway, not doing a cheapo job on me eyeballs!)

Has anyone got the LASEK done in the Dublin Optical Express?

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I've set up appointments with Optical Express and Optilase next week - if I'm going to do this , might as well do it before the end of the year before medical expense tax relief drops to 20%.
The prices seem to have have dropped since I last looked into this about 6-8 months ago - looking at the websites :
Optilase is €3390 for the wavefront treatment less another €1000 for having private healthcare less the tax relief which brings it under €1500.
Optical express is €3230 for wavefront with intralease which is about €2000 with the tax relief.
Can someone confirm if this is actually what you pay or are there loads of 'add-ons' ?


According to the 'Review of Optometry' journal, up to one in six people who undergo laser surgery end up with complications that affect their eyesight

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Limestone1 said:
I've set up appointments with Optical Express and Optilase next week - if I'm going to do this , might as well do it before the end of the year before medical expense tax relief drops to 20%.

Was this announced in the budget? How did I miss it? So no more 40% tax relief. Damn I had it planned for the new year.

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Hey all,

I had a consultation today in the Dundrum Eye Clinic which is owned by Eye Laser Ireland and they seemed the best so far cos I've gone to other places also. Luckily I only live in Ballinteer so it's really nearby for me. They are really professional, polite, kind and know exactly what they are talking about everything from the actual operation to tax relief etc. The optician said I have thin cornea so LASEK is ideal for me which my -5.5 eyes. She took a scan and explained everything clearly to me and answered any queries I may have had. She even located scar tissue on my lower left eye which is caused by contact lenses! I'm going in next week for my pre-op and the procedure will be done later this month with one eye done at a time.

Most people wouldn't think of them cos they aren't central but the Luas runs right underneath the centre and they are only across he road from Dundrum Town Centre. The only thing is they are a bit dearer than the likes of Optical Express but they do provide 3 years after-care treatment which includes check-ups every few months and any enhancements that need to be done are completely free! If you have VHI, you can get 15% off.

So for myself, I can only claim 20% tax because my parents are claiming it for me and the 41% has been claimed already for my dad's pension but with 15% VHI included it works out at €2400 plus the standard €200 for the pre-op, it is €2600 in total for me. I like it because I think convenience and after-care should be taken in account. The website is or

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Hi, I'm signed up for laser surgery with optical express newbridge in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any experience with them?

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My father had it done with them and he seems happy, no problems. I couldn't have it done due to the irregular shape of one of my corneas.

I was talking to my optician before I went to get checked out for it and he says he would not recommend them as the doctor performing the surgery usually flies in from the UK, does as many procedures as possible in a few hours and then flies home again.

He would recommend a team that is based here permanently, they would take better care of you and be more familiar with your case.

He also told me that the price for getting the procedure done would be far in excess of what was advertised. Sure enough my father was charged ~€2500 per eye, when it was advertised for €995 per eye. You'll find it hard to find someone who actually got it done for the price advertised, unless they lent their name to an ad.

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I am booked in for the 19th with Optical express, they have their own team fully based in Ireland for the regular stuff, I am opting for waveform with intralase. One of the assesment technicians had her own eyes done the day after I was in for the assessment and they flew in a guy from UK for her, I would say that if you assess for their 'normal' stuff go for it, if not and you are concerned go to O'Keeffe in the Mater Private. Also ask who will be your surgeon and if they are resident in Ireland, I asked plenty at my assessment and so far am happy, I will post the results after I have had it done

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Nostrasse. I had a consultation with Optical Express yesterday. Quoted 3700 euro for wavefront with intralase. Does it seem high? How much were you quoted? My prescrption is only -1.25 and -1.75. It will only cost me 1500 euro after Hibernian's 30% discount and the tax rebate. Following the insertion of the dilating drops my pupils are still huge today and I can't drive because of huge starbursts. Also can't put on the Christmas tree lights because the starbursts are hurting my eyes. Hope things will get back to normal tomorrow.

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VMC1 they quoted me 4280 with wavefront and intralase, this is only 120 cheaper than blackrock clinic or mater private, my eyes are -3.5 and -3.25 the worse your eyes are the more they charge, blackrock and mater private are standard 2200 per eye.

I had the drops done at about 17:30 in the evening, the following day my pupils were still huge but I did not have any sensitivity to light and no starburst problems

Anyway I am going ahead on Friday and will post back what I think

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I have absolutely no problem with the Mater Private / Blackrock Clinic /Wellington / Eye Laser Ireland etc clearly stating their (quite expensive) prices for laser eye surgery. However, I am just flabbergasted that so many people fall for the price baiting used by Optical Express. Does anybody know anybody who knows anybody or has heard of anybody who actually paid 595 per eye????

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Hi helen2 don't know anyone who paid the low price, however you can get your assessment done for nothing get all the prices and still go to blackrock etc if you so choose, at least to find out the price costs nothing and you also find out if you are suitable for the surgery

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