thomasjad Registered User

Has anyone any ideas of a venue for an 18th in dublin? There would be about 40-50 people coming and not all my mates are 18....

c - 13 Registered User

If you want this moved to the Dublin forum let me know

Xavi6 Registered User

You could try rent a room in a pub. Loads of my mates had their's down in The Bell. The room has it's own bar so the barman can check IDs etc. At least then those over 18 can have a few drinks.

thomasjad Registered User

Is it a big room? ill check that out,i live only up the road

littlebitdull Registered User

The halfway house also have a function room. As does Coolmine Rugby club. Also Dolly Heffernans, the Bell... in fact many of the pubs have function rooms. The tennis club in Castleknock also has a room.

Failing a pub, which may be a problem seeing as how some of ye are under 18, you could ask in some of the community centres?

denika Guest

do any one no a place to have an 18th in waterford ?? not all my mates r 18 tho !!?? if u do pls email

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