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Any tips on where to head to check out bridesmaids dresses? Have already been to BT's with nothing much going on there.... was shocked at the Vera Wang outfits (overpriced and not very nice at all), and the wedding dress shops don't seem to do anything for bridesmaids.

At this stage I'm a bit stumped as to where to go looking so any advice appreciated!

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Debenhams do beautiful dresses so they're worth a look. Alexander Bridals also have a huge choice, if you're based in Dublin.

I got fab dresses for my junior bridesmaids on ebay from Canada. Well worth checking out as you can make great savings.

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I did two days in Derry and 2 in dublin with my bridesmaid. V frustrating as she was tryin on dresses in the wrong size and colour. Problem solved when we went to The Bridal Outlet in Baldoyle, big selection. loads of colours and sizes and reasonable prices. Wish I had gone to them first! The shop on Aungier street wasn't bad either.

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Found bridal outlet very unhelpful after they received money. Measured one of my bridesmaids wrong (and she did not gain or lose a pound between ordering and arrival), dresses arrived six weeks later than first advised and only two weeks before the actual wedding (with alterations still to be done to all dresses and major alterations to the one they measured a size too small). Found moderately helpful initially in regards to trying on dresses, but they do give off an air of indifference.

Also, only do alterations monday to friday and they advise three fittings. Most people work monday to friday....would it not make sense to have an alteration service on saturday too, the day most people are free. Not everybody can afford to take three days off work or three half days for that matter to go for a dress fitting as important as they are!!


Go online, would seriously recommend it. Got the dress I wanted for my BM (she loves it too) in a style and colour that wasn't available here and for a fraction of the price. Bought it from a website based in California, www.therosedress.com They have a great range of stock. Ordered the dress on a Monday and it arrived Wednesday.

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there is a bridal shop called theivoryroom.ie which stocks watters and watters dresses. There is a wide range of colours and styles, and they are the type of dress that can be worn again! Really nice dresses! The web site is a little out of date with the stock they have, but they are lovely dresses!

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I've heard a lot of good things about gownsales.com. I'm definately going to take the chance by buying online. Luckily I should be able to do any alterations myself.


Go for it, hunneymonster! I got my wedding dress online (made to measure, the exact dress I wanted and very good quality materials), for just over €200. The BM dress came to just over €100. I had to have a couple of alterations made on both (I gave bigger measurements for my dress just to be safe), which were €60. So, all in all, the whole lot, accessories included, all for under €500.

It can be done if people aren't scared of using the net to buy things!

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I bought online and they were fab, buy a well known designer and make sure you do the measurements right, at least if you take the measurements you only have yourself to blame if it is not right.

I got forever yours. I ended up changing my colour scheme and then got dresses from an ebay shop as I was limited with time and they were great too, not quite as good quality but half the price and still stunning.

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Not quite sure what you're looking for but if you don't see anything you like, why not go into Hickey's? You could pick a material that suits your theme and ask the staff about patterns and dressmakers. You can also find a dressmaker in the Confetti Pink Pages. Usually cheaper than Vera Wang!

Best of luck!

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Reading my mind! Went into Hickey's on Henry Street last week and it turns out that they do a few bridesmaids dresses themselves and have defintely found a contender! Thanks for all the suggestions!

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