• Yes, I'll be there with bells on (85.71%)
  • No, You all suck and I'll play from my room (14.29%)
Shiminay Moderator

I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to make it, but I have a rather good excuse - Mammy rang me the other day and said "Wanna go to Orlando at the end of November?" so I couldn't really say no to a trip like that when it's being paid for and I have 16 days holidays left from work for the year I'll give ye a shout from a roller-coaster or something

strat Registered User

Looks like this one slipped me by, not been checking as often. Il be there with bells on anyway. Dunno how the poor shuttle will handle Left4Dead though.

Shiminay Moderator

Might burn up on re-entry without proper heat shielding!

Doodee purple headed warrior

maybe teh shuttle should be Left for dead

Ehh ehh? *Elbow* *Jig* *Elbow*


If you turn up to Galway Lan, you'll be left for dead after cracking that stupid joke!

Sniipe Registered User

any updates on this? Sign up list etc...

Doodee purple headed warrior

I'll be getting the sign up's done shortly. had meant to do it at the weekend but forgot completely.

capt fantastic Registered User

i am curious as to will i have to have bought left for dead first or will it be available form the lans to download?

i would be able to but no prob just means getting into town tomorrow.

Tar.Aldarion /flails limbs

I am also curious, I won't have access to a credit card to get it soon. Hmm.


It's going to be run by steam lads. I'm not sure if another person backs it up that you can use that once you purchase it over steam to save you DLing it there and then.

Tar.Aldarion /flails limbs

Will prob just look at it at the lan to see if it's worth getting.


Good fun, good games, great LAN!

Tar.Aldarion /flails limbs

Nothing like being a zombie and eating people sitting beside you, but pressing the talk buttin anyway to say NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

Shiminay Moderator

I'm sorry I missed this Hope y'all had fun.

Doodee purple headed warrior

Great Lan.

Had lots of fun.
I must say im kinda tired this morning. L4D really takes it out of ya

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