It can be a bit intimidating coming here, it takes a lot of guts to introduce yourself and even more to come out on a night. I know I was bricking it, everyone is new at one stage or another.

So if you're new to the forum, lash a post or 10 in here about yourself.

We will welcome you with open arms.

This is a serious thread, the more established people are encouraged to welcome new members. Ripping it out of me can be done elsewhere.

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sd123 Registered User

Well, I thought I'd post the first reply, seeing that I have never formally introduced myself, and have never met any of you in person.

So, My real name's Shane, I'm 19 and I'm studying medicine. Don't really know how I got into body mods, although I don't have an awful lot of them anyway.
Love this forum anyway, and the people seem really cool. Learned alot from reading the stickies.

Btw, I hope I'm not the only one to leave a comment Will, that would be entertaining


Don't worry sd123, you won't be the only one.
Once one person takes the plunge the rest will follow.

If this goes well I'm gonna sticky it.

Welcome! Stick around and learn crap ...as long as the site stays up that is...


Been knocking about here with a while, dont think ive introduced myself tho!

So am , real name is Caroline aka Cags! 21 workin a travel agents , going back to study legal studies in the night cant wait!

Love the Fourm, passes time in work etc, everybody seem pretty cool. Love Tattoos, have two and planning my 3rd but want to leave about a year gap in between getting this and my 2nd one, still tho cant wait!


Ah i suppose i may aswell introduce myself since i randomly slag people off on this thing....

Let's see...I'm Ray, I'm 19, Waiting to start a fitness instructors course if i get accepted...I'm on this most the days since i do nothing but train at the moment.
Had to take out all my piercings I've got 3 and 3/4 tattoo's at the minute


Haven't met any of you yet either. I'm Annika from Sweden or Helga if you rather, I'm old compared to most of you here I'm 32 I teach Swedish and work with animals(dog trainer). Love tattoos

Fiii Registered User

Gah! It's about time I did this!
Hi, I'm Fiona. :: waves ::
Very much a newbie in the posting sense, but have been lurking quite a while

I was always a bit of a 'rock chick' back in my school days, so piercings/ tattoos seemed a pretty natural progression to me!
Had 9 piercings altogether in my time, but I only 2 left in.
Got my first tattoo in January in Koh Tao, Thailand. Had been thinking about it for a good 10 years before I got it, and had been hunting through advise here before I finally took the plunge. (So thanks for all your advise on after care!)

Here it is...a little small, but you get the jist (hope this is allowed, if not, let me know and I will remove it)

Couldn't be more in love with it.
I know the world and it's mother has stars these days, but I have wanted it since I was 16, and it holds a whole heap of meaning for me.
Have my next one planned out, but have only just decided what and where, so am in the hang-it-on-my-wall-till-I'm-sure-stage

So yeah, thats me!


Looks like I'm the only regular about at the minute >_>

Emo, Raze, Kya & Fiii welcome! As with everyone else, don't be afraid to ask questions, we are a nice enough bunch. It's awesome that people enjoy the forum.

Fii nice photo too.

Hopefully you guys will be around for the next beers, they're usually good fun (and you don't have to drink, if anyone doesn't or can't)


a non dublin based beers????


Not sure, probably doubtful but feel free to get your own going in your area


Thanks Will
Might as well put in a pic of me as well so this is me(half my chest piece done in this pic) with my terrified looking dog Phoenix! Looks like I'm gonna eat him


ah it was worth a try, if i have a week or two notice i should be able to come to the next one...I'll just crash with whatever random friend is in college up in dublin.

I wont put up a pic since i put one up on this thread and in another already today..thats to much ray for anybody's eyes


Kya1976 said:
Thanks Will
Might as well put in a pic of me as well so this is me(half my chest piece done in this pic) with my terrified looking dog Phoenix! Looks like I'm gonna eat him

without sounding like a pervert is the chest piece flowers??? can't really make it out...I need glasses


You're fine you don't sound like a perv at all. This is what it looks like finished. It's swedish folk art called kurbits, so yeah a type of floral design.

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I like it, has alot of detail and everything seems bang on level with the other side, good artist

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