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Hi guys, I'm looking for advice, I've a lovely apartment for rent and a lovely girl wants it. Problem - she wants to bring her cat.
Too smelly? Too risky (turd/scratching/hair etc)? Noisy?
Any comments would be appreciated.


First off, do you own the apartment?
Is there an apartment complex policy on pets?

Personally I wouldn't be keen on having pets in an apartment where there's going to be very little open space for the animal.

There is also a good chance that you'll be dealing with mess while the cat tries to get used to its surroundings.

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Get an extra "pet deposit" off her if you must.

The fact that she was honest with you about owning a cat speaks volumes for her character, and the fact that she's probably a new tenant and doesn't know enough to simply leave it out. It's impossible to find rented accommodation in this country with a pet, which is simply ridiculous. As long as the tenant is responsible there shouldn't be any problems.

Outline, in the lease, that she will be financially responsible for all damage incurred by the cat. A lot of cats don't cause any damage but some do. Still, a lot of people have cats, more than their landlords know. At least she's being up front with you.

The_Conductor Moderator

If its an apartment- you have a lease which specifies what your rights and obligations are. Inevitably there is a section on pets in any of the "model leases" that management companies habitually use. I'd be very surprised if cats/dogs are allowed (though of course cats would be a lot less problematic than dogs from a neighbour prospective). Lots of people in apartments do keep pets, despite what their leases state- its often ignored by management companies- but if its in black and white, it can be enforced.

jimmycrackcorm Registered User

I'd have thought that a property is more susceptible to damage by it's human occupants than their pets.

astrofool Registered User

I've seen pitbulls tear apart an entire room, including the plasterboard.

blindjustice Registered User

I`d say more houses burn to the ground than dogs tear up walls
but no way should a dog be kept in an apartment

anotherlostie Registered User

On a personal level, do you, or anyone who might be staying over, have an allergy to cats? My sister has one, and I cannot stay with them as I got very wheezy and developed a rash.

Supercell Happy :)

Cats are fairly clean animals (in my experience) and are unlikely to make much noise, especially if nutered.
That said If you have furnature in the flat it will be scratched by the cat sharpening its claws.
If thats not a concern then wouldnt see a problem with it .

The_Conductor Moderator

jimmycrackcorm said:
I'd have thought that a property is more susceptible to damage by it's human occupants than their pets.

My cat had a nasty habit of vomitting on the carpet, every single day......

MsFifers Registered User

As someone who has a pet cat living in an apartment, I would say don't let a cat put you off a tenant who seems good in every other way. They certainly won't cause any noise and won't bother the neighbours like a barking dog would.

Check that the girl has scratching posts for the cat, so they won't scratch the furniture. My cats always use their posts and haven't scratched any thing else.

Cats are v. clean animals and (unless sick or stressed) will just poo in either a litter tray or outside where they can bury it.

The only negative is that their fur gets everywhere when they are shedding, but a run around with the hoover solves that problem. You could get her to pay an extra cleaning deposit just in case she doesn't hoover enough after the cat.

Many management agreements say that pets are not allowed if they annoy the other tenants - non-annoying pets are usually ok! Check the terms in yours.

My cat had a nasty habit of vomitting on the carpet, every single day......

smcarrick - you cat needs to go to the vet!! That is not normal or healthy! It might need furball or worm treatment or might have an intolerance to its food. I found Whiskas made my cat puke.

btw - anytime my cat has got sick he goes out onto the hall tiles to vomit! So considerate!


my 2c, anytime I've shared with someone who has a cat, the whole place stinks of cat pee or litter tray until about 6 months after that cat "leaves".

HarryD Registered User

my 2c

I rented my place to a tenant with a dog.
Took extra deposit because of the dog which she was happy to pay.
Absolutely no major problems with the flat when she left.
Dog hair in alot of places, which was easy to hoover up except carpet,
which required a bit more effort.

I've a cat in my apartment and it's clean as.
It's well house trained..
No probs IMO..

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smccarrick said:
My cat had a nasty habit of vomitting on the carpet, every single day......

I seriously hope you took the poor animal to the vet because, that's actually NOT NORMAL..

OP - if she has references from a previous landlord showing the cat caused no problems I would rent to her. If there is any damage or cleaning to be done you can take that out of her deposit.

I'd rather rent to someone with a cat than someone with a dog tbh. Cats are cleaner animals.

The_Conductor Moderator

I'll just add an o/t-

My cat is now fine. She is no longer an indoor cat, and is a healthy happy (neutered) outdoor cat. It probably was something she was eating- but we never managed to figure out what it was at the time.


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