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Hey all!

Just wondering if you had to choose between the Hyundai Santa Fe and a Ssangyong Rexton which would you plump for and why?

I've been looking at both of these, and I can get either of the above, same year, for the same price.

I prefer the Rexton, but it seems that everyone else seems to love the Santa Fe! Help me make up my mind and point out any pitfalls/bonuses of having either.

Also, how about the Kia Sorento? I recently test drove the Sportage and hated it, didn't like it at all, is the Sorento much better than the Sportage?

Or anyone else got any other cheap-ish, comfortable, smaller sized 4X4's to reccommend that I may have overlooked?

Slig Registered User

Personally I'd go for the santa fe, rexton seems to have a pretty poor name, definately worth taking a test drive in the sorrento though

boardsie08 Registered User

In fairness, The Rexton I tried was the top of the range, deluxe version, so it was finished off very nicely, leather seats, all extras etc..

So when comparing that to a bog standard Santa Fe I think thats whats swinging it for me Rexton wise..

Heading off in a bit now to take a test drive of both a Santa Fe and a Sorento, so will see how I get on!

Will report back later!

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Slig Registered User

There are many here that will say your mad to buy something like that over a 10 - 20 year old landcruiser or landrover but each to their own. personally I like the creature comforts of a newer machine so I'd probably go with the santa fe if the options package, price and milage was good

DougieH Registered User

I Used to own a Santa Fe (03 Model) I found it grand & comfortable to drive apart from bends and had a few problems with the clutch, but it depends what your looking for in a four wheel drive, I got rid of my Santa Fe and got a landcruiser as the four wheel drive in the Santa Fe is rubbish, I havent been in the new model Santa Fe so maybe the four wheel drive has changed. Also the new 2.2 Engine is apparently more fuel efficient than the old model. My main concern if I was to choosing between a Santa Fe or a Rexton would be their resale value. That was another reason why i sold the Santa Fe it was losing value rapidly.

colm_mcm Registered User

I'd take the Santa Fe every time, the engine and gearbox are the only good bits in the SsangYong, the rest is dire. on the other hand, the engine and gearbox are the old Santa Fe's downfall, the current 2.2 CRDi would've been lovely in the old model.

If you're talking new model Santa Fe, then that's another story, it's miles ahead of the Rexton

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