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what is the best way to learn spss quicker i have a lot of trouble with it

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spss can be a pain but with practice you can get the hang of it. There are a number of books that clearly outline the statistical theory behind each procedure and show you the step by step method to conducting an analysis. Follow the guidelines and practice until you feel comfortable. That's maybe not the answer you were looking for but it's how I managed to figure it all out.

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Got a friend that knows? Skip books. Ask for help. Learn by doing.

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Cinful said:
Got a friend that knows? Skip books. Ask for help. Learn by doing.

+1 - also, quite a lot of useful stuff on the web - other university's web notes and examples. Google 'SPSS' and 'easy' and 'examples'. When I was learning how to use SPSS, I slavishly followed all the procedures for the examples until I could grasp the basics. I ended up teaching other undergrads in my year and it sank in so well afterwards that it was a breeze

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From the resources sticky:

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p.pete said:
From the resources sticky:

+1 Fields is a great teacher.

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"SPSS for dummies" is quite good too.

I think learning the actual statistical theories will help you a lot too.

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