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Hi All,

I know we have all seen the tea bag add when the groom sends the letter and the tea bag to the bride the morning of the wedding.
This has sparked thoughts in my friends mind who is getting married in 2 weeks time. He has asked me what he should send to his bride to be the morning of the wedding?
I've thought about it and I'm guessing the norm is flowers and a note but I'm just wondering if any of you have any ideas or perhaps could tell me what you got the morning of your wedding?

All idea's welcome (within reason)!!!

ntlbell Registered User

something that means something to him and his wife that we wouldn't have a clue about most likley

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Some manjuice usually goes down well

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something shiny, seriously, and expensive lol

fionajohn Registered User

A letter would be a lovely touch, as people don't really write each other love letters any more. If he has time, a small book of photos of them together throughout their relataionship, and he writes something beside each of them. She can keep this forever and it is very personal to both of them.

That said, shiny things are nice too!!

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Taylieboo Registered User

I would say a letter aswell from the heart written the night before when he is on his own. I got flowers the day of my wedding which were lovely but they died a few days after. A letter could be kept forever

boggerboy Registered User

i did the usual flowers thing as well but also made a double cd of songs, both soppy and energetic for my wife to listen to while getting ready all morning.. might be naff, but everyone seemed to enjoy it and she was chuffed
oh yeah and some shiny cubic zircona ear rings the evening before!! only kidding, they were diamonds ..

killerqueen Registered User

Thanks for all the ideas guys. I think he is going to go for the note and flowers plus getting her a bracelet and getting it engraved.
I've made up a cd with a mix of upbeat and wedding songs for her for the morning of the wedding.

Thumpette Registered User

I think the photo album is a lovely idea too!

killerqueen Registered User

We gave her a photo album the night of her hen with pictures of her from baby to now which she loved so another one even if they are about him and her will not be her thing

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