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I am looking to progress from residential care work. I have applied for jobs in the area of Family Support Work/ Project Co-ordinator etc. but have had little success so far. Does anybody know of a recruitment agency in Dublin that specialises in the social care sector?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

Athina Registered User

I know of an agency called TCM but I think they only specialise in residential care work. Sometimes in you see agencies advertising for social care workers. I think with the current freeze on staff recruitment within the HSE ,it is very difficult to get family support work of any kind.

hobnob101 Registered User

Try they do all medical areas.

tokeus Registered User

I'm in the middle of registering with Cora's Healthcare in Rathgar. I think its mainly residential care but you may get lucky. The place I used to work had social care professionals from Cora's and they dealt with people with intellectual disability during the day.
Or this might lead you somewhere.
Good luck.

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