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hey just wondering i use windguru and msw im only a beginner what should i b looking for for good surf is it wave period which looks like 10 at d mo or wave height what should i look for?? thanks

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I'm not even as far on as elainee. I don't have a clue how to find out about when there will be decent conditions.

Is there any simple way to do it? Does anyone know if it is worth driving 3 hrs to Donegal / Sligo on Sunday??


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I stuck this up here before

I use windguru - if you want to see how it works get out your map and take a look at Achill - Keel bay

For surfable waves you need

a) Swell coming from the right direction
b) Enough swell to create waves big enough to surf
c) Wind that will shape these waves

Go to windguru.com - type in keel and look at the wind direction, wave(m) and wave direction rows

Keel faces South West - so to get waves/swell hitting keel beach you'll need either a Southerly, South Westerly or Westerly Swell - i.e. the arrows need to coming FROM the south, south west or west.....anything else and either Ireland or Achill will block the swell.

Next having waves is not enough - you want surfable waves which will involve enough swell. As stated about anything in the wave(m) row that's less than a 2 (+/- .2 depending on the beach) is not really worth the drive.

Lastly you'll need to right wind direction - offshore (blowing towards the sea) is good - onshore (blowing from the sea) is bad. So for Keel you'll need wind blowing FROM either the north, north east or east. The north east being ideal and north or east being the next best thing. If the wind is blowing the same direction as the swell - forget about.

A lot of people use magicseaweed - i don't rate it myself - windguru is always spot on - the only time it hasn't worked for me is when I chanced a wave (m)height less than 2 hoping for waves, I'd get to the beach, all the conditions would be right but the waves would be just too small to surf.

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Great post from Dave. I'll add to that...

- I wholly agree that Windguru seems to be the most accurate site for forecasts.

- Wave heights are always greatly exaggerated (as the swell size is measured by bouys way out at sea) so a 2.5m forecast on Windguru might translate into 0.5-1.0m waves on the beach. This will vary depending on the spot; you will soon learn to translate the forecasts into the actual conditions that will be present at your local beach.

- Ignore the star ratings. Windguru is primarily for forecasting conditions for windsurfing - good windsurfing conditions usually mean bad surfing conditions.

- Scroll down the page to the second set of forecasts (WRF) - they are only available for the next 72 hours but they are even more accurate than the 7 day forecast (at least with regard to wind speed).

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:eek:ok now im tottally confused!!haha ahh no il get d hang of it sooner or later thanks guys!!!

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ibh, not taking away from what the lads have explained above, they are spot on and its better if you get to grips with the charts but one thing I always find handy is the surf forcast given by bundoran surf co. every Friday morning. You can subscribe to it here and you will get an email report every friday morning for the following weekend.

If your thinking of heading up to Donegal this is usually pretty good at telling you which beaches will be working etc, they will also tell you when conditions are crap, saving you the long drive for nothing!

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Im just getting into surfing myself and I had seen a few basic swell charts but the link to windguru is brilliant! Thanks for the posts, ill have to read through them again to grasp the theory properly i think but extreamely helpful, thanks guys!!

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If you are living in the Dublin area check this out.

‘Forecasting Your Perfect Wave’

By Ben’s Surf Clinic

Thursday 25th Sept 7.45pm Harcourt Hotel, Harcourt St
Entrance 5 euro / ECSC MEMBERS FREE
Club Social after in main bar- meet the gang!

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