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I was just wondering if anyone knew roughly the price of above? I have had braces twice and still have an overbite...it is getting worse each year and just wanted to know how much it would cost to have my jaw broken and the problem fixed, hopefully long term.

Any info on the above would be greatly received.

Thanks a mil

KingJo Registered User

I just wondered if you ever found out anymore about this surgery-cost etc
Just started orthodontic treatment and this surgery looks likely
Finding it very hard to get info re same

Oiny Registered User

Hey KingJo

Afraid no one has got back to me. I'll probably wait until the new year to look in to it further as have a feeling it will cost a bit. If I hear anything I'll let you know and I'd be grateful if you could do the same.

Kind regards,


KingJo Registered User

Thanks for getting back to me.
Will defo keep you posted should I find out anything.

frahag Registered User

hi, i have an underbite ad am getting treatment in edinburgh .i lived and worked there for a while but i just recently moved back to dublin and need to continue my treatment as i am half way through the process.
For the time being i am travellling back and forth to edin.but hopefully i will br transferrred
back to Dublin.If youv,e had the surgery let us know your experience.

eth0_ Registered User

How are you receiving treatment on the NHS if you are living in Dublin?
If you're resident in Ireland you are probably (unknowingly?) committing fraud.

frahag Registered User

yeh its because i lived and worked in edinburgh for 3 and a half years. i had been registered with a local dentist over there.

pinkfloyd34 Registered User

if you are in the vhi or aviva this surgery is covered, dont know the cost of it though, im going for it next year for an overbite, cant wait to get it sorted

Judy09 Registered User

Hi Just wondering has anyone had surgery. Im having upper and lower jaw surgery in july 2010. Wondering has anyone had this and does VHI cover it all.

pablop Registered User

My ortho said that this company probably covers surgery...Anyone has info about it???do u have to be customer for long??whih plan i need??maybe they gonna tell me that on the phone, iam going to ring them tommorow...

day dreamer Registered User

Hi Oiny

sorry about late reply. You mentioned you have an overbite and 2 orthodontic treatments and you may need surgery to correct it. Orthognathic or jaw surgery could correct the overbite of course but why do you want to have surgery done at this stage? Is it the appearance of crooked teeth, prominent teeth, your chin or jaw line. It is very improtant to know what exactly your concerns are before offering some advice as to how to get it corrected.

if you have started orthodontic traetment then your orthodontist should be able to tell you if you need orthognahtic surgery and give you any necessary information

look up ww.orthodontics.ie for an orthodontist near you or ask your orthodontist in Edinburgh for a transfer

Private insurance companies will cover some of the hospital costs of jaw surgery but there will also be a top up to be paid to the surgeon, this will vary with the surgeon but may be a few thousand. If anyone out there is having orthpgnathic surgery your orthodontist and surgeon should give you the cost of the treatment before starting out so be sure to ask.

Donny Bonaduce Registered User

Did anyone get anything out of any of these options?

Oral Surgeon Registered User

Hey there,
The actual surgery should be fully covered if your surgeon is fully participating with your insurance company, if not you will pay a top up, if you have no insurance it is fairly expensive, (I have no figures- I don't do these procedures myself).
Next thing is to check if your particular insurance plan coveres you for the general anesthetic stay in the hospital where your surgeon works as the procedure may be covered but not the ga or hospital stay!!!
Good luck,

ispinkso Registered User

Hi frahag,

Hope your still about to see this, Im in the same situation as you were, have been living in Edinburgh for a few years and just about to get braces on, after which i will need surgery. Im worried that it will keep me here for the next few years and that I wont have the option to move home, I wondered if there was many questions asked about you travelling back and forth for the treatment, and if you got that transfer to dublin in the end?Cheers

PokeHerKing Registered User

Hi folks,

I am starting to look into this procedure myself after a consult with an orthodontist.

There is a lot of info on American boards about it as it seems to be quite common over there. I like many have been unable to find much info relating to it being performed in Ireland though.

I will be consulting with a surgeon that my Ortho uses and I'll post any info I get. One thing I will say is there is only a small number of US/UK/European surgeons who are considered to be good at this procedure, so I would choose very carefully on who you decide to let crack your skull open as I've read some horror stories of things going wrong.

At the end of the day I want a proper bite but I also want to look as good as is possible whilst having it!

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