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Hi there,

I have a black Toyota Auris which has a white stain on the driver door. The stain is caustic, and came from a leaky pipe in my apartment car park. I tried a couple of household items on it, but nothing seems to work.

Can anyone recommend someone in Dublin who specializes in this type of work? i.e. removing such stains...

Thanks in advance


colm_mcm Registered User

what household items did you use?

have you contacted the management company for your apartments?


colmmcm got in there before me, what household products? Jif and brillo pads? You should go to a decent motor factors, explain your problem and try some compound or clay

Tipsy Mac Registered User

Try some T-Cut. You can get it at Halfords or any motor factors. Goes on and off like a wax and should clear the paintwork of contamination.

colm_mcm Registered User

I'd say leave it till the management comany sees the damage, they may be liable. no point in showing them the faint mark that may be left behind.

collym Registered User

The management company have said that they'll fork out for it, thank God.

Re: household products.... I used some kitchen worktop cleaner, and a cloth. I also used a brillo pad on a tiny area, it works but it appears to leave scratch marks. So I guess thats not an option.

colm_mcm Registered User

don't ever use household cleaners on paintwork, or admit to having done it.

collym Registered User

Nuf said!!

TomMc Registered User

Anything like this ? Have a read

Don't rub it with anything if you can avoid it especially a brillo pad.

I myself would try spraying the area with vinegar, let is sit for a few minutes but don't let it dry and see if it loosens it, two applications then shampoo wash the area.

collym Registered User

Yeah, that post from is exactly what its like. Only on a much smaller scale. I'll try some of the measures suggested in the posts.
Thanks alot for yer advice lads!

TomMc Registered User

Forgot to say best to dilute the vinegar 50:50 with distilled water rather than applying it neat. See how you go. Let the acidic nature of it do the work rather than rubbing. Rinse down the area with a hose or a watering can using very little pressure, rather than trying to rub it off. The less you touch the paint the less you are going to mark it.

colm_mcm Registered User

guys, Toyota black will show up any marks from acidic or abrasive cleaning. leave it to the professionals to repair it, especially as the management company are paying for it and these measures could make things worse.

collym Registered User

Can you recommend an "expert" that I can take it to in Dublin?

TomMc Registered User

Colm the pros use a more acidic product than vinegar believe me. What is used is also used to remove concrete and industrial fallout. The type of stuff you need rubber gloves on when using. Makes vinegar look like lemonade.

A 50:50 mix of distilled water & distilled white vinegar is harmless once removed after a minute or two, then the area is shampoo washed. This is the way to remove light water spots from paint and it is recommended by some of the leading pros in the industry. It will do no harm once done properly. Solution not allowed to sit too long and dry out. The area will have to be polished and waxed afterwards but this would be the case with any colour. The most important thing is for the OP not to touch the paint anymore than is possible as it is the friction generated by rubbing the debris and or with a cloth or sponge which does the damage.

colm_mcm Registered User

that's all true Tom, but as the OP has already attacked the car with Brillo pads and Mr Sheen, the chances of him having proper car shampoo or polish aren't very good

(No offence collym)

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