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Right, if your a hobbyist, time to learn some Magic!

In the Pdf document below is full description of effect, and method. If this is the first time you've seen one of these, familiarise yourself with it, as this is how many tricks are taught. The trick also assumes you have some basic knowledge of card moves/sleights, such as forces and controls. If you dont, they're not hard to come across online, or maybe if you ask nicely, one of us on here will explain some simple ones to you.

The effect is this;

The magician Gets the spectator to choose a card from the deck. The card is replaced and the deck shuffled. The Magician takes a bundle of business cards bound by an elastic band, and gets the spectator to sign the blank back of one. he removes this card from the bundle and places it in the spectators wallet. he then takes another business card and draws a stickman on the back. he announces that, like in the film the prestige, the stickman will teleport from one place to another, namely from the card, to the card in the spectators wallet. he will also go by via the deck of cards and find the spectators card. He introduces some "amazing pyrotechnics" (a lighter!!!) for comic effect, then places the card face down in the spectators hands. they count down from 5 to 0. on 0 the card is turned over and the stickman is gone!!! the spectator goes to his wallet and find the card he signed. on it is the stickman, smiling, holding the playing card the spectator chose!!!!

Now that is the proposed way of doing the trick. However, its up to you if you want to change it a bit, and make it your own. I've already come up with a variation on it that i quite like, and made a video.

What i suggest is, over the next two weeks, people practise this trick, and upload a video of them doing it. Its not very hard, but it will introduce you to moves, patter, and how to learn/adapt a trick to your act.

What you will need;
*A deck of cards.(try use relatively new cards)
*A Bundle of Business cards with a blank side, or something similar (about 20 will do)
*An Elastic band( get a few incase you break them. Use a Thick band, that is quite short)
*A "Frixion" Pen. (This is sold in tesco or tesco four seasons, and costs €4.59. It is a pen that contains a special ink that fades from friction generated heat. however, other heat can also be used...Frixion is the model name, it is made by Pilot. You can probably get it in any good stationary store.)
*A Lighter (see where this is going yet?!!
*A Red Marker (sharpies are best)

You can also use other items if you wish, but those are the essentials.

right, the manuscript!


We can turn this into a competition. If I get more than 4 videos on here in the next two weeks, we'll judge them in the Circle, and I'll personally award the winner €10 into their paypal account, or in the post or whatever.

So, get practising, and if you have questions, ask them here! the guys who know the stuff are here to help. And guys who are experienced, this is open to you too, I'd love to see different peoples variations on this! Lets get this trick down!

I'm off on holidays this week, so the others will need to roll out the advice. hopefully this goes well. If someone would post the link to my video in a few days, that'd be great. I'd like for the beginners to get started by themselves to get used to reading manuscripts before seeing the video.

good luck everyone!!!

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zuroph mo-duh-rator

pssshhh, why did i bother?!?!

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bigslick Registered User

Come on guys, lets see this gain some speed. Is great opportunity to learn a great magic trick, and to earn some magic money

zuroph mo-duh-rator

hundred and something views, and not even a thumbs up!

heres mine to get the ball rolling


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bumps this up to the main page. then gives up.

6th Registered User

Ah lads we can pimp this no problem. Give me 48 hours.

zuroph mo-duh-rator

the mans got a plan!

also, thread of the day......

bigslick Registered User


zuroph mo-duh-rator

well the 48 hours were eventful.

King Mob Registered User

Been wanting to do this but new job is eating up my time
Barely have time for practice.

But I love the little escape artist twist you gave it.

zuroph mo-duh-rator

King Mob said:
Been wanting to do this but new job is eating up my time
Barely have time for practice.

But I love the little escape artist twist you gave it.

thanks, I love it too, the whole trick is more fun and makes sense with it!

??? Registered User

Hopefully get my own varient of it up in a few days. Don't have flash paper or frixion pen so I'm justy going to light the business card on fire! I'm also putting a houdini spin on it.

zuroph mo-duh-rator

if u want frixion pen, ul find it in tesco. i picked up a spare in france with three refills, for €5

Mary Hills Registered User

Thank you for this very nice tutorial and for the performance video. Good thinking!

- Mary

zuroph mo-duh-rator

Mary Hills said:
Thank you for this very nice tutorial and for the performance video. Good thinking!

- Mary

No problem Mary, welcome to Boards! how did you find us?

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