tazire Registered User

does any1 actually have this service? and can they confirm a sizable increase in their dl and upload speeds? esp wondering bout the clondalkin area. am considering changing.

Eoin Registered User

Moved from Charlesland/Greystones

Vunderground Registered User

Upgraded from 8Mbs last week in Dolphin's Barn and working fine

tazire Registered User

nice. its the ping im lookin for. gettin ave 100 atm. useless really for playin fps. like playin css so think i may invest in a bit of that. thanks lads

CombatCow Registered User

Considering changing from Smart's 8mb to BT's 24mb for roughly the same price, but im concerned about their "fair usage policy" Does anybody know their unofficial cap that would make them throttle your speed ?



Tell smart you're changing, there's a possibility they may match the price for you.

Also, remember your line won't support 24mbit, most max out at about 16 - 17 mbit/s. It's not necessarily the quality of Irish lines, rather just that telephone lines can only support 24mbit/s if you actually live in the exchange.

tazire Registered User

tbh im jsut lookin for a better latency. the latency on the eircom lines since the upgrade are just pissin me off. since i use it mostly for games and that. according to vunderground he's less than half the latency im gettin.

PotBelly Registered User


What is you theoretical upload speed supposed to be, 1Mb?

Vunderground Registered User

Statistics Downstream Upstream
Line Rate 23261 Kbps 1019 Kbps
Noise Margin 5.6 dB 11.6 dB
Line Attenuation 23.0 dB 10.2 dB


Baneblade Registered User

anyone on the summerhill one,

i was move to it today but am only syncing at 8mb


What price is it?

Baneblade Registered User

same as the 7.6 line, about €45 a month

Baneblade Registered User

lol check my SNR, cant belive it

Downstream Upstream
Max Allowed Speed (kbps) 8125 828
SN Margin (dB) 31.00 14.60
Line Attenuation (dB) 20.40 9.70
CRC Errors 0 0

bellapip Registered User

Ok, Don't all shout the answer at me, because I am just a lowly writer and have no clue about pings and dings and all that jazz.

But is your ping speed only relevant to game playing, I have only ever watched my download and upload speeds, and even though I get told its 3.6mps its nothing near it, hence I am thinking of changing.

Any help or answers much appreciated.



Hank Scorpio Registered User

For Gamers

Lowest Pings -> Smart + Magnet, expect ping times to be around 10 ms or less, and excellent european pings.

Decent Low pings -> ADSL1 packages on 3MB and less. Expect 15 ms or less to irish servers. Recommened Eircom or BT.

Decent Medium/pings -> BT 24MB ADSL2+ , expect around 24/25 ms pings to irish servers ( I would put NTL in this bracket too but from my experience avoid them for gaming, massive routing and capacity problems)

High pings -> DSL Higher than 3MB, expect ping times to a irish server to be in the 40ms

avoid wireless and mobile connections.. Not reliable and for the most big ping times.

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