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I've ordered some electronic goods from the US, and have been tracking it online using the FedEx site.

The package has been moving pretty fast, making progress each day. But so far today, all that's happening is:

Aug 6, 2008 7:47 AM
Clearance in progress

So no doubt I'm going to be charged customs (FedEx and UPS will always rat you out), but how long will this process take?


It's usually pretty quick, often you wouldn't even notice the delay except if you've been tracking it. I'd expect it to arrive tomorrow, unless there's something about it that they are investigating further, like they suspect the price is under value or some such.

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Hmmm... oh!

What me? I'd never do such a thing, honest


The thing about under pricing is that if you can prove you got it at that price, using an invoice, then they have to believe it. If you can't though, and it looks way under what it should be, then they'll simply value it at the Irish price, and charge the VAT on this.

It's always best to declare the correct value, and have an invoice for it, as it's usually going to be less than you'd pay here anyway. Otherwise, you can end up paying more than you should.

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Still stuck at "Clearance in progress"

The thing was flying along till it hit Dublin!

Just have to be patient


You could always try ringing FedEx to see what's the hold up. They might have more detail than what's on the tracking site.

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Actually it was my fault! They'd rang me yesterday, and I missed it. Rang again today, and basically I had to pay some fees by credit card before they released the package - came to €91.

So after paying that, the status is now:
Aug 7, 2008 12:22 PM

Int'l shipment release


She said I should get it tomorrow, provided that it doesn't get pulled up by a customs inspector and is found to have some issues.

Strange - if I've pad the fees, why don't they just ship it? Is there another layer of inspection they have to go through, or random spot checks where they audit packages?

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