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It's good to see the poorly understood tyrannosauoid family tree is starting to take shape. We've come a long way since thinking T.rex was descended from Allosaurus!

So many questions.. Did it have feathers? What's it's relationship to Eotyrannus, Dilong Paradoxus, Guanlong etc? What name will they give it? Can't wait for more data to appear.

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Another missing link for the creationists to dismiss as variation within "kinds".

Galvasean Registered User

They opened a museum specially for it:

Galvasean Registered User

Well, it's been published and guess what? It aint no T. rex ancestor. Heck, it's not actually a dinosaur at all!
Say hello to Smok wawelski.

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Adam Khor Moderator

Its probably a rauisuchian. :> I already drew the beast.

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