alanceltic Registered User

bought this set (table, 4 chairs & parasol) from b&q, reduced from €620 to €270, its actually cheaper again if u can bag it in the north £197.

The dublin stores only carry 14 different types of sets (so i was told) and when I asked about this one I seen on the net she said it was a special order and was in stock, im sure many of the other sets are like this also....anyway bargin???? me thinks so even if the STG conversion is crap - exact same set is in homebase for about €550 and this is their SALE price!

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nanook Registered User

many thanks for this, looking for something nice and it look the biz.


k123456 Registered User

Whats the tabe top made of - is it Oak

Does the table or chairs fold up

dubmick Registered User

which B&Q did you get it in?

Airside in Swords don't have it in stock

soma Registered User

dubmick said:
which B&Q did you get it in?

Airside in Swords don't have it in stock

Has anyone seen this still available in any of the other B&Qs..?

brightkane Brightane

Lads, Atlantic and Woodies also have a sale on in furniture,

half price, i got a nice hard wood set reduced from 150 to 75 and an astralian bbq reduced from 250 to 125

hope it helps someone

whatsupdoc? Registered User

Compared to Atlantic & Woodies, B&Q qualify is ****.
If it was 75% off I wouldn't touch it.

leex Registered User

Bought a nice set in Atlantic reduced from 600 to 300euro.

smelltheglove Registered User

I worked in Atlantic before, the garden furniture is generally very good quality, not many returns at all. Every year in August there is a big discount on furniture but the good ones go fast so get in there quick if you want one!

alanceltic Registered User

Lads B&Q dont stock this set (and theres others) in their store as they only have room for a specific number due to their size, if you go into the store they have a catalogue (or just quote the stock ref from the website) and it can be ordered as a special order. The table top is oak AFAIK, the chairs fold up but im not certain about the table (dont think so)

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