MissDefied Registered User

Hi all, I'd appreciate any ideas you have. My brother is getting married in a few weeks, and I'm going out of my mind trying to sort their present.

Basically, I want something they can keep as they've already got their house sorted. I want to give something more personal than money. There's no obvious thing I can get, as in, they don't actually need anything. So my idea was to get them two big teddies, a bride and groom one. I was imagining them as big and cuddly and sitting on a swing, rocking chairs or wicker couch etc.

Anyone got any ideas where I could source these? I've left it quite late so I'm in a bit of a tizz! Also, I'm open to any other suggestions from anyone who has thought of a perfect idea for a couple who don't need any of the usual household stuff.

auditek923 Registered User

if i was your brother and you gave me that i would be very annoyed. give him money and a small present like cavan crystal,beleek china , etc

Sam Kade Registered User

About €200 is the norm now for someone that close. It's not so long ago when people got teasets that cost a fiver.

NinjaTruncs Registered User

I have to agree with auditek, that idea is awful. No adult male is going to be greatful of some giant teddies, Cash would be a much better gift. But i can see where you are comnig from with wanting to get a gift rather than just give cash I would prefer to recieve gifts from my close family on my wedding day. I don't know what you budget is like but why not get a nice piece of waterford crystal which could become a center piece for a table/fireplace/window. Or you could get a selection of nice picture frames and they could put some of their wedding photos into them.

Also don't worry about the cost of the gift or what other people are giving, buy/give what you can afford, unless your brother is very selfish he won't care about the cost of the item.

beaushalloe Registered User

omg step away from the waterford crystal, i got so many pieces i could of opened a shop! not sure bout the teddies though, cash really is well appreciated along withmaybe a token like a silver frame with their names and the date, one thing that i did actually appreciate was a rather large gift voucher for woodies (we too had the house sorted but not yet the garden furniture etc) another option would be a weekend away voucher, for after the honeymoon and the blues kick in!

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