Jack burton Registered User

Andy is the man behind Heighway pinball, look them up, seem to be making some waves

BrownFinger Registered User

geotrig said:
as far as I know /remember he moved back to the UK a good few years ago

and took 30 irish pins with him

geotrig Registered User

haha well he probaby brought most of them in anyway !

ArrBee Registered User


Well if anyone similar (dealing in buying, fixing, selling) stumbles on this thread in the future drop a message.
I'm in no rush, but would like to get a pinball sometime.

Jack burton Registered User

Few pinball collectors here, myself and ****tydigit up there host league meets during the year. I currently have 3 machines myself.

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sundodger5 Registered User

Mitchomagic is still selling the odd pinball afaik. He did middle man when i sold my police force.

CathalDublin Registered User

I've 1 but not for sale, I may buy another in the future, when I get my shedcade built in the new year I'll have an open night

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Doge Registered User


Jack burton Registered User

I prefer the term "pin pals"

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o1s1n Registered User

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Jeremiah Matt S Registered User

I'm definitely up for some pinball and would love to meet likeminded people into it. I did have a budget set out for a couple of machines but as with a lot of us, stuff just got in the way. I go to Base in Celbridge where they have a Spider-Man machine but honestly that place is missing a trick as far as retro gaming is concerned. I'd be there every day if they had some more pinball machines and Sega Rally 1&2, GTi club, Street Fighter 2, Afterburner, Pang, the list goes on. I'd happily invest in a proper retro arcade with the right location. As for Salthill in Galway, where I cut my gaming teeth. You should be ashamed of how little you have to offer now to all of us who spent our summers and piggy banks there 😭

whiteshorts Registered User

Stumbled across this and how it has brought back memories of me playing pinball in all the arcades in Dublin cc many moons ago.
Would love to buy a machine but couldn't see the Missus thanking me for it ;(
Looking through the posts has got me thinking a trip into Dublin cc for a few games would be a good way of reliving me youth.
Anybody know where there are pinball machines nowadays?
Most of the places I used yo frequent are all probably closed down now.

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