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Hi Guys,

My name's Andy and I'm new to this forum.

Basically I'm into pinball machines in a big way. I had 45 of them up till recently but I've trimmed the number down to a more manageable 20-odd (for now!! )

Anyway I buy, sell, repair and mainly collect pins and was wondering if anyone else here is interested in them and if so, what have they got?

I already know Mitchomagic from elsewhere!! Btw, Mitch I have a Superhero in my van with your name on it


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hi andy im also into pinball :-) just playing them though i would'nt be able to fix or service them. i ve always wanted one for my house and might buy one before the end of this year i would really love to buy mars attacks but i think it is a bit expensive

My questions are what ones you have for sale , what guarantees do you give? And if parts are needed can you supply and fit ect. Btw im in kerry

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Nice to hear there are other pinheads out there!!

By Mars Attacks do you mean "Attack from Mars" or the Pinball 2000 game "Revenge from Mars"? The latter is the one where the video animations are reflected down onto the playfield glass. The former is a standard pinball machine but is hard to come by and very expensive!! Think €2,000+

I normally have about 20 pinballs at any one time. Many of those are kept in my own collection but I also buy and sell pins as well. Whenever you're ready to buy one then give me a shout. If I don't have what you want then I can always get hold of them.

I repair pins and I also carry quite a few spares as well. You'll only ever really get a guarantee on a brand new pin (on the whole) but I guarantee the pin will be fully working at the point of sale and I'm always on the other end of the phone/email. I also sell "project machines" as well but I wouldn't recommend this for you as you've already said you can't fix them.

Hope this helps.

By the way, I'll let you know when I will be hosting the next "Irish meet" where there'll be a weekend of pinball, beer and pizza at my place.

You can always email directly at

All the best,


gary 234 Registered User


i wonder if you could help me out. i have just got an old addams family pinball table and there is just one small problem with it. the left lower flipper does not work. i would be greatfull if you could advise me on how it could be fixed.


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Hi Gary,

What happens to the flipper when you press the left flipper button then? Does it shudder or try to move or is it completely dead?

Feel free to give me a call on 087 745 4110 and I'll talk you through it if you like?

All the best,



great thread Andy,

One question you might be able to answer. Is there sucha thing as an affordable Pin and if so how much do they cost?


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Hi valleyoftheunos ... I assume thats NOT your first name? ;-)

Price-wise, it depends on what you're after. You could buy a cheap pin on Ebay but I've yet to buy one there which doesn't have faults. Also, you could easily buy a "dog" on Ebay.

I fix all my pins myself.

If they're properly prepped then they should be reliable BUT pinball machines are very complicated and there are many things that can go wrong. Most things are fairly easy to fix though if you know what you're doing.

I sell pins for upwards of about €1,000 and provide full back up by email and phone.

Contact me on 087 745 4110 if you want to know more!!



cynos Registered User

I got offered a Taxi Driver and a peterpan machine recently for stupidly cheap money, ya didnt pick em up yourself, did you?

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Nope it wasn't me!!


Thanks for that Andy, I really enjoy PinBall but wouldn't have that kinda money to spend on one. Besides my Girlfriend views the fact that I play games at all as slightly idiotic at best, I cant imagine what she would say if I brought a pin home.

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No problem.

I host an Irish Meet every year, which is basically a weekend of pinball, beer and pizza. I'll post here when the next one is and you're welcome to come over. I should have around 16 pins set up and working for that one.


Bluehair Registered User

Hi Andy, any update on the Meet your organising? (roughly when or where?) I'd love to attend as space permitting i've been promising myself a machine for years, personal fav was the Star Trek:TNG machine. One concern though; are they hard to maintain in the long term?

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Well the meet will def be at my place just outside of Limerick and will hopefully be this Jan. I'll post full details when I know exactly when.

Am thinking about taking this a step further for 2010 and hosting a proper event in a hotel or reception area with a competition element - like the Irsh Pinball Open maybe.

Anyway, back to your question - Star Trek The Next gen, or STTNG as its abbreviated, is a widebody pin and is one of the more complicated pins as there are so many features on it. For me, I find pins very logical but they can be very daunting for those who don't know their way around them. Put it this way, whether or not you get a pin from me, I'll always help with advice when I can. All problems are fixable and I hold a lot of spares too. There are also companies in the UK and Stateside who sell plenty of parts.

Saying that, its very much hit or miss with pinballs when it comes to reliability. I've had pins in my own collection that I've barely had to touch over the years and they're still going strong. But even brand new Sterns can have faults out of the box!!

If I had to offer just 2 bits of advice to a new pin owner they would be:

1. Polish the playfield once a month to keep it clean and shiny - this also helps to prevent playfield wear
2. If you're going to store the pin or not play it for a long while (read many months or years) then REMOVE THE BATTERIES FROM THE CPU BOARD as they will leak and corrode the board.

I think I've got a STTNG coming in before Xmas - if I do then I'll let you know.

All the best,


BLITZ_Molloy Registered User

Meet in Limerick? Savage. I live in Ennis, spent two hours playing Pirates of The Carribean in Dr. Quirkies in Dublin the other day. They have Family Guy too but It's a bit of a boring table.

They have Indiana Jones in Galway. It's great fun. I must drop up there for a few more games soon.

I've always been put off buying a pin because of issues of maintenance. That and the cost. I'll get one one day though. I'd like Royal Rumble or maybe a TNG. Adams Family plays so well I'd be tempted by that too.

Bluehair Registered User

Andy, sounds great I'd be well up for the meet i don't mind the trip down from Dublin for the day. I'm hoping to put together a Mame cabinet first so doubt the cash will be there for a pinball machine before Christmas but do keep me in mind.

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