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Hi, I've done a search on here and see some people have moved, but how do you get your childrens allowance moved into a different account? Cant find anything on (surprise, surprise )
Our's is currently in some AIB rubbish account, and there's much better deals out there. We wont be touching the money, so access isnt really an issue.

unclebill98 Registered User

Simply call the welfare office and advised them of the new account number and sort code. It might take a few payments for it to switch over. They might ask for a bank statement of the new account or a letter from yourself stating what you would like done.

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stepbar Registered User

..... or you could just setup a standing order to sweep out the account on the same day as the money comes in. Before you get hasty talk to AIB, they may have a better option for you. Perhaps you should be looking to invest the money from the childrens allowance long term in to a fund or something like that. Now's the time to take advantage of stock market prices etc.

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