IamMetaldave Registered User

Not sure if this is the place put might aswell try..

Can anyone tell me which Cinema is better, Liffey Valley or DunLaoghaire?

LeoGilly Registered User

I've always prefered Dun Laoghaire but it has gotten a little dirty in recent years. I just go to Dundrum now. Very comfy seats, great sound and great screen quality.

phasers Registered User

Liffey Valley is a good cinema, their customers on the other hand...

SeantheMan Registered User

Hahaha... i work in the Liffey Valley cinema

Pls take your food out with ye when your finished..thanks

Its a decent cinema tbh..as long as ye get one of the good BIG screens (1,2,4,5,7,8,13)

Popcorn is crap though...we used to make it...now they just buy it in bulk from IrishPopcorn..so its just warmed up.

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