Ceb Registered User

hi all, as usual im looking for help here, im trying to find out where to buy roughly 4 metres by 3 of durable black canvas, the reason for this is i had my soft top slashed and was informed that a new canvas top would cost pretty much more than my car was worth, therfor i used the power of mental thinking and remembered i was quite good at sewing, thought i may give it a whirl myself, can anyone help my broke ass? as usual any of your help is really appreciated.... as i said its 4x3 black canvas im seeking but here in wexford theres no crafts shops or providers that i'm aware of.... thanks all

artieanna Registered User

Maybe try places that make sails for ships you get good quality weatherproof canvas.

Ask boat owners they'll know where exactly to get it....

If its black canvas I would think its coated with something to make it weatherproof... Plain canvas wouldn't do

narkymarky Registered User

Not sure if you are sorted yet - if not try Its a guy who produces soft tops, usually for 2CV's - but may be able to do something bespoke to fit your car. Know people who have bought from him and were happy with quality and price.

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