CharlieCroker Registered User

Any one know why Autotrader uk is redirecting to N.Ireland? is this happening with everyone or just me?

Same As Registered User
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CharlieCroker Registered User

cheers mate, that seems to be working

Same As Registered User

No bother at all my fellow corkonian!

positron Registered User

Thanks 'Same As', the NI version of autotrader is cr*p and was really starting to annoy me..! They might have noticed the increase in traffic from Ireland..!


Are the prices higher on the ni site compared to the british site

Same As Registered User

Nah its just some sort of domain error I suspect!

Eh Re: the prices,I doubt it??

Cmar-Ireland Registered User

As long as you register with a valid UK postcode, there wont be any redirecting.

Same As Registered User

It Aint that simple unfortunately....

When you type autotrader dot co dot uk into the address you are automatically re-directed to the northern Ireland website for no apparent reason! The Link above should do the trick until the problem is resolved!

foxirl Registered User

On the autotrader NI site there is a link (Proceed to UK Site) near the right hand side to take you to the UK site which will not redirect you

Same As Registered User

Dont mean to be repeating myself but...

that link will take you to the autotrader dot co dot uk site.

CyberGhost Registered User

Yea, I was surprised too, then I noticed this...

Once you click it and the site places cookies in your browser's cache, you'll be automatically redirected to the UK site.

cashmni1 Registered User

traffic count from a service provider is given to Autotrader and the traffic should be re-directed (depending on source IP) to whatever autotrader site they want. (I think). looks like a marketing ploy to me.

Cmar-Ireland Registered User

It's pretty simple. Once you register with a UK address and postcode, you will not be redirected.
I registered a uk address on autotrader and set up automatic log in, so when I go to the site my details are all there and it's the site. With 416,140 cars for sale at the moment.

Cyrus Registered User

just go thro

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